** I want to remember this forever and ever. ** - Mandy Perry

I Broke the Code!

I was driving Bailey to school this morning and we were talking about how when Tesla has a fully driving-us-around car what we will be doing…. sitting in the back playing cards or reading of course:

Me: “Tesla, take me to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts.
Tesla: “(me in siris voice) “Sure, would you like to go tot he DD on Clark St?”
Me: Yes, please
Tesla: “OK Rerouting.” 

Bailey: “Tesla, make sure I get donuts.”
Tesla (me as Siri): “OK Bailey, but I do not have legs.”
Bailey: “You will figure it out.”
Tesla: “OK, did your mother say it is ok?”
Bailey: “Yep”
Tesla: “Mandy, is this true?”
Me: “Nope”
Tesla: “OK. Not rerouting… sneaky Bailey.” 

Bailey is dying laughing… LOL

All of this play stemming from a conversation about passive income from my PROFOUND moment this morning of…

GAH!!! I finally get it!!!
I get how this whole money world works, and the most exciting part is that I get how it works for massive wealth, and I also KNOW some of what I DON’T already know… and I know how to learn it… which means I will only gain further insights and wisdom… which completely blows my mind! 

*** Sitting here in the sun, locking in this moment forever and ever. *** ☀️ ☕️ 

This moment of my huge domino breakthrough and this moment of play with Bailey where wealth principles are just normal. *GASP*

How blessed can a girl be? 

Last year I began down, what I thought to be a very basic, easy path of figuring out how to get out of the rat race of having to GENERATE income each month, and to truly understand this whole make your money work for you business. 

Mission 1 – Get out of the world of “I’M THE VIP” energy – shift to a brand in alignment with me. Make THEM feel like the most important person in the world. WAY HARDER than anticipated. No one had every modeled this for me… All I knew was be the girl they “follow” WHICH FELT TERRIBLE! I wanted to lead the leaders as their equal.. not as the girl they “follow”. This whole “raving fans” made me cringe. Nope. Not my gig. What a wild journey this was. 

Mission 2 – Sell like a luxury brand. HOLY CRAP there was a LOT more to this than I realized. I didn’t resonate with LUXURy so I had to sort of what MY version of LUXURY was… I landed at “To me, luxury is having the time, means and energy to heal, GROW, expand and become.” NO ONE COULD teach me this, it was simply a journey I needed to go through as it was something deep within me. It took over a year but man is it worth it!!!

Mission 3 – To create passive income… which I now realize I wasn’t thinking about correctly. 

I’m just taking a moment to lock this in my memory forever and ever and ever. 

The laughter I hear coming from my daughter laughing from her belly…
The power I feel inside with this wisdom…
The safety I feel knowing no one can ever take away my wisdom and experience…
The sense of accomplishment I feel at having been willing to stay in it for MORE THAN A YEAR./
The overflow of joy I feel at knowing my kids will never ever have to figure this out.. and more than that – it will be handed down for GENERATIONS AFTER GENERATIONS. 

Mission 1 – Calibrate to Tonys Platinum Partnership – the wisdom, the travel the money levels.. and download rapid-fire to my Diamonds, VIPs, and kids.

Mission 2 – Use my first $100k towards an investment that WORKS FOR ME! eeee!!!! I’m so going to throw a HUGE party when this moment happens!!! 

You were born with intrinsic VALUE and the ability to learn, implement and create VASTLY beyond your wildest dreams. 

It was always you
I love you
Mandy xx