Today some individuals at my daughters school made her feel humiliated - Mandy Perry

Today some individuals at my daughter’s school made her feel humiliated.

They also ? spoke to me like I was beneath them and they could do as they wished.


These are the moments that I am so incredibly grateful for the wild growth that happens as I scale my company and life.

This is exactly why I choose to grow so rapidly and why Inam so dedicated to help every single person I can along the way.

I knew what to say.
I knew what to do.
I also believed my daughter and I were worthy of a wildly better experience.

I let them know my intention was to collaborate and find a solution that works for all, and also let them know exactly what was going to happen for my daughter.

“This will happen, there is no alternative or exceptions and it will happen now.”

Public humiliation is not a “solution” I accept and no matter what the solution is that we find together that will be corrected immediately.

As I was spoken to like I had no authority over my daughters’ experience I was increasingly aware that the old me would have felt like a bad and ignorant mom and accepted their behavior.

Not today. ?
Not ever again. ?

What else does a mom do to help her daughter heal, then to snuggle in a salt bath and write down dreams?‍? ?

Not only will this not happen with my daughter, I will now step into the woman who becomes education on the chain of command in a school, the laws protecting my kids and how far the school is legally allowed to take things.

I will know how to communicate educated and kindly to those in charge to create change to protect the kids from this kind of experience.

Collaboratively we get to expect NOTHING LESS.
We also get to BECOME the human it takes to make that happen.

? To the ones who will do anything for their kids.

? To the ones who wake up and work so hard to become more

? To the ones to know damn well that you’re not even almost at the level you know you are capable of and you choose to dig your heels in and leap off cliffs to become…


Because we love them that much.

You are enough. Always were, and it’s safe to trust and back yourself FULLY. ?

Love you,
Mandy xx