Tonight I sat with my pain. - Mandy Perry

I did not tell a story that someone or something outside of me was causing it.

I did not judge the timing of it.

I did not run from the discomfort, guilt, shame, or vulnerability.

I did not shop, drink wine, eat chocolate, watch tv, text a boy or spend money on a way to fix me.

I did not go to sleep.

I simply sat with my pain.
I wailed. sobbed. cried. breathed and felt.

I felt each wave of the pain in its entirety.
Then I felt a moment when the pain shifted to curiosity.
Curiosity to peace.
Peace to knowing.
Knowing to strengthen.

“We must prioritize authentic revealing and emotional release in our world. We must slow down and see each other deeply and to share our inner worlds so that no one feels alone with their pain…. we have to keep sharing our truths. We have to. Our survival depends on it.”

It is not your fault you feel alone.
It is not your fault you feel pain.
it is not your fault that it’s not all better.

The only thing that is truly wrong is that we ever think it should be any different than how it is.

I love you,
Mandy xx