❤ Your most incredible accomplishments will never be seen... - Mandy Perry

They will never be known by the world…

>> They are found in the silent challenge of a belief

>> The reopening of a shattered heart

>> The transforming of pain into growth

>> Removing horrifying debris over and over

>> The building of a healthy self-image without tools

>> Showing up to LOVE your family when you are in a void of that love yourself.

>> Finding a way to believe in GOOD despite the trauma and lack of good shown to you.

>> Bravely stepping BOTH FEET into your calling with no evidence that it will all work out

This is the inner battle won by the heart-driven leader that shows up to LOVE their people in spite of their pain and aloneness.

This is what it means to lead.
It is YOU who have walked out the greatest accomplishments of all mankind. And no matter what else you ever accomplish in your life, you are already enough. ❤

It’s time to let it be simple. The world needs you.

I love you
Mandy xo