Me: “I know how to be a billionaire now… I get it. I see it. I just don’t give a flying crap about it.”

Words to my friend earlier…

Some very real things going down lately and it’s all narrowing to a path that is beginning to take shape.

Making money is easy.

Me: “I think about moving to a farm and living a life of obscurity and never thinking about money again. But then I laugh and realize… but I’d still do what I do every day because I LOVE IT.. and those things generate a ton of money, so I’d still make money by default.” (Shameless plug: I teach you all of this in Digital Revolution.. so simple)

Know what’s not easy?
All of the processing that is required to become the human who does what you love and gets to have all you desire.

Close curtains.
Bear with me today… I’m raw and wild and silly…

What we want has changed.
What we desire has changed.
Who we are has changed.
Who we allow in our circle has changed.
Our results and skills have changed.

and that is ok.
It’s actually incredible.

So yes… this billionaire thing…
I see it. I get it. I see how to do it. I see it.
and… not one part of me desires the journey to have that… WHICH IS RELEVANT.

I know the woman I long to become.
I see the things I’d need to practice and spend my time doing to be a billionaire (as far as I know to now) and I DON’T want it. (I’m not saying I’d 100% make it happen but I know how to try.. which I know most of the world does not.)

Such a powerful moment!
Just wow. To think 4 years ago I was on welfare trying to imagine how the fudge to make 6 figures in a year and buy a house.. which felt utterly impossible.

I want what I want.
I want to be healthy and happy
I want my kids to feel super loved
I want to take care of my mom and dad and family
I want to help heal as many lives as I possibly can.
I want to be madly in love with a man that I can pour all of my love, sensuality and tenderness into.. and experience life with him.
I want to live life in a way that when I die I will feel THERE IS NOTHING LEFT!!! I’ve done it all, felt it all. There’s no need to come back.

Now the real fun adventure begins.
I have worked hard, grown rapidly… I’ve made more in one day than I did in 3 YEARS combined just a few show years ago. And I am beyond excited to teach people to do that. I teach every human that is ready to learn.

And I love to take care of the people I love in epic ways, with time, presence and resource.

“And then?” as the French man says…

And then deeply enjoy life.. every savory moment.
Deeply connect.
Be present with myself in stillness.
Smell every smell.
Feel every feeling fully.
Express every truth.
Try every new thing.
Meet every culture.
Taste every single flavor that exists.
Try every new adventure.
Let my heartbreak over and over strengthening.
Learn every lesson.

I am wholly unavailable for anything less.
And… my dear friends… so shall it be.

? Here’s to a plump heart and a wild soul.

I love you
Mandy xo