We are not here to rescue people. We are not even here to “help” people. - Mandy Perry

They do not need to be rescued, and they do not need to be helped.

We are all grown adults having the experience of life we want. We are all the same.

What the world needs is you being willing to GO FIRST. To witness you in your raw, unapologetic journey of becoming.

To LOVE so big that we are willing to be seen, to be heard and to be brave.

To fail. To win. To never cease.
To create space for others to show up and become.

To call their ass to love because you KNOW what they are capable of. You see the REAL them.

You know what is possible and you refuse to entertain anything other than this vision with them.

To be the joy that fills the room.
To tell the whole entire truth, because why the hell wouldn’t we? What is there to judge? Compared to what standard?

To forgive yourself always, to go again always, to humbly receive all the greatness you are born to receive, and enjoy every last second of it.


IT IS TIME to let it be easy. The world is waiting.

Love you,
Mandy xx