It was hard.  - Mandy Perry
She woke up each day knowing she wasn’t yet where she wanted to be.
She didn’t know her “niche” yet… she wasn’t sure what her main focus should be yet… she didn’t even know what to call herself yet.
She had been at this a while and still… it wasn’t where she wanted it to be. She batted away the voice taunting her “What if this doesn’t work?”
She knew is she was called to more.
Called to heal, serve… teach…
Called to create a space for others to calibrate to her.
Called to enjoy a greater sense of freedom in her life.
Wake to sip here coffee in the sunshine.
Laugh with her friends and the tribe she’s created…
Enjoy her yoga…
See the world and the other heart-centered people all over the globe.
Feel the creativity flowing relentlessly…
Feel the CERTAINTY flowing in her veins in her KNOWING exactly how to generate a windfall of income and really LOVE people the way she desired to LOVE them as she builds the empire that will change the world.
She could see it. She could taste it… she KNEW it was hers to experience…
So she took a deep inhale… and let it out.
She let out the tension… the criticism.. the expectations that it should be any different than how it is now.
She felt herself rooting.
She felt the clarity and power begin to surge.
And she was crystal clear.
She knew it was time to let her voice be heard… not to win or lose, not to pass or fail… not because she had to…
SHE LOVED BECAUSE IT WAS WHO SHE WAS, not because it got her something.
She had nothing to prove, nothing bad would happen if she didn’t… she just knew it was time because IT IS WHO SHE IS.
Because she is a woman who LEADS HERSELF.
Because she knew that even though learning how to let herself be heard and seen by the whole world was hard… it was harder to wake up knowing she did not show up.
She knew damn well that in 10 years she would be SO WILDLY GRATEFUL that she began TODAY, no matter how much it felt like she didn’t know what she was doing. No matter how much it felt like she wasn’t ready.
So today she put both feet in.
She breathed through the fear. She exhaled through the overwhelm.
She refused the voice calling her to “figure it out herself”
She stepped to be with her tribe.
She stepped to let her voice be heard.
And she whispered to herself… “I will not quit so long as I do not quit today.”
Love you,
Mandy xx