Why are the women crushing it online only talking about looks and things? ? ? ? ? - Mandy Perry

Chanel bag, new home, luxury vaca spots, new car, new surgery, etc, etc.. and not about who they donate to, or the good they are doing in the world…

This was a genuine question I held for a long time…

None of the women in my industry talked about the good things they did predominantly.. and I used to think it was simply because they didn’t do good in the world this way… It really triggered the shit out of me. I did not desire a life that is self-absorbed, and it felt to me that the new rave in my industry was looking perfect and having perfect things and to consume our LIFE and focus on trying to be and have all the perfect things.

I wasn’t down. (The being naked online was a wholeeee other set of questions.)

>> PLEASE REMEMBER AS YOU READ THIS IS SIMPLY A QUESTION… no assumption of right and wrong, as there IS no right and wrong. According to who? Me? I don’t think so ❀ ❀ )

It was not easy to do life with people that seemed to be solely focused on themselves and the things… I was desperate for something that felt more meaningful. Something to give back to those suffering as I had been just a few short years ago… Or at least to be giving back to those suffering at a level I couldn’t even fathom.

I ALSO believed we get to have it all.
I believed these women were on to something stepping into our power and claiming all we get to have. 100%

And the truth was… I made a lot more money around these women than I did left to my own devices. They were incredible, that was undeniable. BUT THIS DIDN’T SOLVE MY PAIN AT ALL. And I was in pain. I felt like I was living life at a depth of 20% WHEN I KNEW THERE WAS A DEPTH OF 100%

SO I stayed on the path, one foot in front of the other.. and I learned some very profound things, as we do when we stay the course… there is a limiting belief out there, just as strong and powerful as the limiting beliefs around being wealthy and having it all… that says:

>> “You are a bad person if you tell people the good you are doing.” <<

Here is it.
Because this is what I learned.. a lot of these powerful “self-absorbed” women.. give.. a lot.. and in pretty profound ways…

But they NEVER talk about it. It’s always the things. The things the stuff, the luxury and I wanted to scream!!

OK.. so my shitty belief #1 was exposed.
There were a lot of powerful women in my industry, doing really amazing things.

I cannot speak for anyone else, I don’t KNOW why they choose to talk about the luxury rather than the selfless things they do for strangers or the planet.. but it was important I released the story that you have to be self-absorbed in order to be wealthy in my field.

You have to be fancy.
Traveling to exotic locations. (I have NO desire to travel right now. Life has taken a HUGE turn and in a large part its due to these realizations I’ve had. )

So if you genuinely do not desire these things, if you don’t feel called to get naked, to be fancy, to talk about luxury.. then how the hell is a girl to claim her power in 2020 as an online leader!?!?!?!?!?


I have finally taken another step towards being the true Mandy Perry. I don’t know the whole path (and if you think you know it, IT’S NOT YOURS.. it is someone else’s that you are mimicking ya?)

Wealthy women are not all self-absorbed (just like wealthy women are NOT all bad moms lol another silly belief I held at one time ) .. and I don’t really need to know why the industry has been set up to HAVE to be fancy to be considered a leader… and I don’t need to know why. No one is doing anything wrong.

I don’t need to know why they choose to talk about the things rather than the powerful giving and transformation they are creating on the planet.. maybe it’s a limiting belief, maybe that’s just what feels good, maybe they are simply living their true calling and that is what it looks like.. and maybe its 100 other things.

It is what it is. There literally IS NO RIGHT AND WRONG.

All I know is I had found a vacancy on the planet.
A need I could not fill for myself.
A way to be an online thought leader WITHOUT needing to be fancy, complicated, driven by looks, things, maybe nakedness.. idk .. I haven’t sorted this one just yet (I usually learn things by DOING them and I’m not about to be doing this one so I may be unclear about this one for a good minute LOL)

I cannot tell you YET what it looks like as a fully matured expression of my purpose.. but what I do know is ..

>> I believe we get to FULLY be ourselves and there is NO limitation to what that looks like… you get to be wealthy being the TRUE YOU EXPRESSED and seen so that others know what is possible. And you MUST have the courage to be that. WHATEVER THAT IS, whether it fits into the current standard or not.

>> You get to have all the fancy things. ALL OF THEM. And they also can or can not be the focus. Your success isn’t reliant on this. Celebrate them, have them, enjoy them.

>> I believe if it feels good to focus on things then that is what you get to focus on & be an example for what others get to have.. you get to be wealthy showcasing your beautiful things.

>> If it feels good to showcase your good deeds on the planet to be an example of what is possible for others in a heart-centered way… you get to be wealthy being heart-led. Celebrate them, give, enjoy it! There is nothing wrong with celebrating and showcasing the good you are doing! How are others to lean? I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS HUMAN FOR A LONG TIME.

It was ALWAYS about you being true to YOU… and never letting the societal standards pull you off YOUR course. Not me, not them, not ANY DAMN ONE.

And you don’t get to know how the whole thing is going to look, you simply get to tune in to what feels right TODAY, right NOW and trust that, back that, and call your people to rise to the places you have led yourself.

It is YOU – GOD – & Your people you are here to serve.

The standard that is set in the industry for how it is supposed to look is simple set because I ACCEPTED IT… YOU ACCEPTED IT. It always begins with ONE. You want a different standard, create a different fkg standard… trailBLAZEEE TRAILBLAZER.

So we can let go of all of our collective limiting beliefs that it has to LOOK a certain way in order for us to LEAD, be wealthy and have it all in this industry. #cancelthatnoise

We do not.
If you need proof you are looking at it ❀

#leaddifferently #thedigitalrevolution

If you feel ready to trailblaze…. if you are feeling called to break out of the standards being set for you…. the limitations being put on you…

If you are ready to let the complexities of how to run your business online BE EASY so that you can find your true voice and path in this wild adventure called life…

If you are ready to have the freed up time to dig into the deeper questions you have…

If you are ready to be called to a new level of authenticity in 2020

The Digital Revolution has begun.