My God. It is just so intense, epic and emotional.
And soooo fkg liberating ????❤️

1. Realized we could ALL be successful and wealthy.

2. Became wealthy – shook off old religious scary stories

3. Worked through all of the old stupid welfare girl demons

4. Hung out with people who were considered famous and top of the industry

5. Kept asking the same questions over and over.. trying to resolve the cognitive dissonance I felt inside about being this rich, internet famous girl… focused on reaching the next level.. while inside I was screaming for LOVE, togetherness, care, generosity, meaning…

6. Got out of a toxic marriage
7. Broke away from the mentors and tribe I was doing life with.. and felt… VERY… ALONE.

7. Explored MANY out of the box things just trying to find…. something. Something that made all of the parts of me come together.
– Spent time alone in the mountains
– Traveled all over and asked copious amounts of questions
– Dated foreign men, dated a hippie, dated a 30-year-old than a 50-year-old.
– Explored my femininity, sexuality, faith, desire..
– Did a lot of breathing into my heart
– Made a huge investment calling my ass to a whole new level
– Read strange books that challenged many beliefs I held

8. Started speaking a deeper truth I was TERRIFIED to speak. I was now surrounded by everything from deeply religious, bougie gals, potential dating partners and the hippie heart crew… to wildly successful CEO’s and online experts.

>> NO ONE IS GOING TO LIKE THIS. No one is going to FEEL this. I am completely alone… (was the silly story I made up) <<

I shit my pants and spoke anyways.
I had things to say.
I felt things deeply.
I knew they were important.
I saw the trap so many people I loved were falling into.

The Heart Driven CEO brand was born in this fire.
The Digital Revolution program was born in this storm.
The CEO program was born seasoned in the smoke of this fire.

I was born in the heart of this fire.
I was new.
I had grown. I had answers. I had clarity. I had certainty.
I had the courage to outgrow everyone around me. Not in a better than way.. in an AUTHENTIC way. Authentic to ME. My calling. My vision. My dream.

I had left the security of the pack.
All of the packs.

..and this journey left me with a powerful gift to bring those who are ready to truly LEAD from their deepest truth. I am so wildly grateful for this… this wild ass adventure of a lifetime.

And it is my absolute HONOR to walk with you arm in arm as you step into your strength and walk your path.

I love you.
So much.
Mandy xx