? Learning ? - Mandy Perry

Intimacy and deeper transparency
Emotional intelligence
Sensuality/ femininity
French culture
Parasitic cleanse
Speed typing

? Experiencing ?
Vulnerability in sensuality
Femininity with my son
The different types of love
Deeper intuitive trust
Singing again
Allowing a new voice to emerge in my work
Transitions of power
Growth with my daughter arm in arm
Deep connection
Old emotions healing
A new world before me over and over

The time, energy, and freedom to do whatever I please when I please and to have the luxury of all of this was hard-won.

It wasn’t learning how. It wasn’t pushing through.
It was facing the part of me that battled to stay the same.

It was looking the things dead in the eye and walking them out. It was courage. It was faith. It was relentlessly choosing to believe I was worthy of the support is desired. It was taking the step
Well before I had evidence that it would work.

You get to have your version of luxury.
You get to have the life YOU actually desire, not the one you see on Instagram.

The true work is to learn to become YOU.
To fully embody your own flavor of badass.

I love you
Mandy xx