Today I release the pervasive training that I must destroy my beauty, my brilliance, my wealth, my success, my genius, my sexuality, my desire.

I release the story that was taught to me by women who never learned how to heal from their deep pain, and never learned how to love themselves, their body and their brilliance.

I release the destructive training from men who only knew to use violence, aggression, and domination in order to feel safe in this world.

I forgive myself for all the times I recreated this destruction in my own life trying to somehow heal the pain they caused.
– bulimia
– bingeing
– suicide attempts
– drinking
– numbing
– self-betrayal
– ignoring my true priorities
– holding back my voice
– believing the story that I don’t know how
– Thinking I can’t figure it out
– trying to be “normal”
– Playing small.
– justifying
– hiding
– “behaving”

? I am safe to appreciate my innate beauty and let it shine brightly.

? I am safe to hone, expand, and express my brilliance.

? I heal and care for, I do not harm.

?I create, I do not destroy.

? I release the pattern of destroying my hard work in all areas of my life.

? I am safe to forever release this pattern in my life.. and replace it with the joy of ever-expanding and enjoying all of life… and everything I become.

So. It. Is.


I love you,
Mandy xx