What an amazing WILD day! - Mandy Perry

I spent the ENTIRE day diving into myself & learning.

Dropped deeper into my faith that I can lead my company in my feminine… worked out some more of my questions.

How do you be deeply grounded and still high vibe excited?
Why does beauty matter? Does it matter?
How can you totally dote on a man without creating a needy dynamic?
How to merge pleasure and discipline..
Why do men fritz when it comes to protecting a woman/ girl from sexual abuse?
What does it mean to surrender your personal power?

I played music, sang, wrote poems.
Healed more old wounds, let them go and danced in the lightness and freedom.

Learned about Alchemy, Daoism, Shiva/ Shakti
How to use the yoni egg ?????

Had green juice delivered
Had food delivered

Organized my (used to be storage room now turned office) office with the door open to the lake, sunshine, and birds chirping… palm trees swaying to the breeze.
Took a nap in the sun
Had a glass of Sake

Cried thinking of how younger me could never ever had come up with this moment in her wildest dreams and thanked God 100 times for my blessings.

Sat with myself patiently while I got clear what I feel called to create and lead those
ready into next.


I’m ready now to lead those ready to do the work to truly heal now… and I am so damn excited.

#bestdayever #iloveyou

Mandy xx