Absolute breakthrough NOW... - Mandy Perry

If you were already worthy.
If you already had it figured out.
If you got to EXPERIENCE life exactly as you desired…

How then would you view choosing to heal?

What if you didn’t NEED to heal in order to have all you desire, you simply GET to heal because you are so damn worthy of having all of your deepest hearts desires?

❤️ Healing from past trauma
This is where our old BS stories and rules come from. What we believe about ourselves is the #1 most powerful human personality trait and what predicts BEHAVIOR. When we heal this we clear the path.

❤️ Business Healing
Your self-confidence in creating the HUGE dream you set out to create has been shaken and IT’S OBVIOUS. You are making decisions out of fear, hesitating, second-guessing.. rather than from the deep place of UNSHAKEABLE confidence in who you are and what you are here to do.

❤️ Regret Healing
Surrendering to what is, is the most powerful healing you could ever step into.. and the most powerful move you could ever make in life itself. This healing is INSTANT and profound.

When you repeat the same mistakes over and over you become NUMB tp the lesson it caries for you… therefore fail to become the person you are born to be. In this healing, you will see why and how it was for you and how to let it go as services no longer needed so you can return to your wild, free self.

This is how I healed bulimia after 21 years, over-drinking, depression, laziness, etc, etc

❤️ Heal our masculine side
This is why we stay in our masculine energy and miss out of the magic and POWER of flowing with creativity and creation.

❤️ Heal our feminine side
This is how we have learned to be loved or love ourselves and the world. When this is unhealed we will run ourselves ragged trying to Do and GET what we need to feel SAFE. This healing is about learning to tap into your feminine power to fuel your desires and bring about VISION AND DREAM CREATION

❤️ Relationship healing
Real bliss in a relationship is available. All relationships. The work here is to heal from the stories about how it all should look and be. Control. Needing it to be different than how it is. Lovers, family, clients, friends, your tribe, the world.

Feeling frustrated and alone.
Sacrificing your genius for drama or emptiness.
Never feeling supported the way you desire.

Rather than collaborating, lifting and LOVING simply because that is who you are.

❤️ Money Story Healing
This is one of the most trigger-y topics to humans.. and this is what I know. When you make decisions based out of scarcity you get scarce results.

When we do this work, we shift into a place of SAVVINESS with money rather than carefulness.

❤️ Vision / Purpose healing
You are holding back, playing small because you are terrified to find out, if you actually go all-in on this, if you actually do your best… you might fail. You might find out it stays out of reach and you are not good enough to have it.

This healing allows us to create from the deepest wisest part of ourselves where we have ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY.

And this is what we GET TO HAVE.
We deserve it.
We have gone through hell and are ready for the rewards.

And so much more healing…

Ready to return to clarity. LIVE in clarity 24/7.
Relentless BELIEF.
Surrounded by the best, because you ARE the best.
Unstoppable confidence
Bringing your genius to life
Expecting overflow therefor HAVING overflow
Full acceptance of ALL – utter bliss
Energetically free
Unbridled JOY
Endless energy
FINALLY LIVING YOU DREAM LIFE… NOW. (This is available!!!)
Fully reclaiming all that you are
Proud of yourself

Never was there a more profound, exciting journey than RETURNING TO YOU.

I cannot wait to get to know you more and hear all of the amazing results and magic that happens when we do this work together.

I love you
Mandy xx