?? Working your ARSE off but not getting the EPIC results that seem obvious should be happening?? - Mandy Perry

Sometimes you get your ass kicked and it shakes you up.
Somehow along the way, your self-belief got shaken up and it has leaked into the magic that makes your business take off or thrive.

You begin to make choices based on not losing out on what you have now, forgetting the vision that you had created and KNEW DAMN well was meant to happen.

You start to feel like you aren’t doing a good enough job and wonder “who am I?” forgetting that you are the permission for others to do the same. Forgetting WHO ARE YOU NOT TO have and experience all amazing things life has to offer!

You start frantically looking for what to DO to fix it, you throw money at things, waste time on a bunch of things you won’t remember in a year trying to organize, resolve, FIGURE IT OUT, make it all happen…

I get it.
It feels like working your ass off to figure it out should get you back on track. BUT IT HASN’T.. and that’s incredibly frustrating. Defeating.

It’s not that you are unable, unwilling, lazy, broken… and YOU KNOW THIS.

What is it?
It’s simply the wrong work.
We did the wrong work… giggle.
Lessons are always flowing yes?

So then, what will actually get your the business results you DEEPLY long for and REALLY DESERVE??

Rebooting your confidence.
Healing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions around your business. Not because you are broken or did something wrong… simply because you are savvy enough to make the shift and do the damn work once you see it… as always.

Back to your fire.

Back to the you who DREAMS in LIMITLESS ways, and then brings it to life. again and again.. while licking up every good feel, expansion, tear, laughter, and possibility along the way.

This is the place you create magic from.
You do the impossible from.
You LIVE from.

This is the work of the savvy heart-led human.
This is the new sexy.

I love you
Mandy xx