Reality is what it is…
It all just is as we see it..
And we must face reality.


We. Know. This.

We just keep forgettingggggg.

It was never about getting enough proof that it will all work out, that it is all for us. That it is all exactly as it should be to have all that you desire.

It was never about working hard enough to have all you desire… I’ve walked into powerful containers with successful people and walked out with tears in my eyes realizing that THAT LIFE of strain, stress, and PUSHING was devastating to my sense of wellbeing.

Maybe it’s because I was a welfare mama trying to feed my kids for so many years… trying to outrun my own demons for so many years, and then experienced such profound PEACE, healing, and joy that I am SO KEENLY AWARE of survival, EVEN WHEN it’s in a container with wildly successful people.

I have that much faith in my ability to follow LOVE.
If only love exists then HARSHNESS AND FORCING is NOT REQUIRED.

>> You cannot have it both ways. <<

“Well then Mandy.. what is it about? I’m not into all of this manifestation – fall from heaven BS..”

I don’t care what we call it… but it all boils down quite simple… I think you will agree.

Problem-solving – trying to figure it out, focusing on the problem and what you can do to solve it, get it, have it, be it…


Simply choosing to shift into non-resistant thoughts for all you desire.

If you do not understand this, please get your pretty ass into HEALED. This will change EVERYTHING FOR YOU.

So then next, why do we RESIST the very things we desire the most?

Some sticky BS got on us along the way.
Someone else’s pain

Someone else’s lack of the very work you are here to do got stuck on you, and never belonged there.

There is nothing wrong with you.
You are far from broken, and you never needed a damn thing for you to create all you dream of and vastly beyond in this lifetime.. you certainly don’t need me.

You are also WORTHY of results NOW.
People who are alike you to do life with.
People to CHEER your ass on as you do the powerful work, the brave AF work everyone else ignores… so that not only will YOUR STICKY BS not get stuck on others but you will mother faking GHOSTBUSTER the sticky out of this planet. ARM AND ARM with your tribe.

Why would we wait to have all we desire?
The goal is MEMORIES, not dreams.

“I have a dream” is pretty powerful.. but having a memory of changing the world when we are 9O is so much more powerful.

It’s time to give yourself what you deserve… because my friend.. this is where we create the memories that change the world.

I love you
Mandy xx