*** It's hard to wake up every day and know you haven't shown up and NEED to show up twice as big today... - Mandy Perry

all for a life you feel neutral about living….*** ☕️ ☀️ ?

I am going to breakdown how to be PROPELLED into your power in this blog…. buckle up friend… this is one wild ride hahah WOOHOOO!!!

So here’s the thing… my beautiful friend…
YOU… get to be HAPPY, fulfilled, lit up, excited about your life… YOU do. YOU. You get to and you get to NOW.

Every single day gets to be wildly exciting and liberating.
You get to expand and expand and expand limitlessly.

You get to be surrounded by LOVE, intimacy, and romance.
You get to be supported and cheered on as you go through life.
You get to….
– have fun
– laugh until your sides hurt
– cry 7 times a day, every day… tears of joy, awe, wonder, heartbreak, whoknowswhyorwhattears…
– learn every single thing you ever could dream up learning
– leave a legacy for the world, and everyone you love…

You get to actually… no BS enjoy life…
and the real work is to be BRAVE enough to look at what it is that is stopping you from being open to receiving that life that lights you up every single day.


What do you think maybe different if you woke up tomorrow morning knowing you did it… you CHANGED shit.

You said YES to soul and you decided to give yourself permission to go on this journey of discovering what lights you up and creates a passion and zeal…

You decided whatever stories have been running as to why it all has to be how you through it had to be were now going to be challenged and you were going to FEEL what it feels like to be TRULY free from expectation and pressure. FREE from the bondage of the MONOTONY OF SAMENESS. FREE from the relentless pursuit of BEING disciplined enough to create what you think you should create to finally FEEL how you want to feel.


We think getting the thing we desire will get us FEELING how we want to feel… and then we try to WILL ourselves out of desire to feel that … and that works… NOT AT ALL.

It never will work.
You will try for the rest of your life to actually get yourself to do all the things, to have the excellence in every area of life… and it will consistently drain you.

This is the masculine DO energy that is driving the world to an early grave with a dull life.


I hope you can hear me… really hear me.
When you feel flat, overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, exhausted…. it is not because something is wrong with you or living this wildly successful life is so hard.

I think you know this.

It’s hard to wake up every day and know you haven’t shown up and NEED to show up twice as big today.. all for a life you feel neutral about living.


NO… you feel these negative things because of the stories you have wired into yourself about how things are supposed to be, what you are supposed to want, do, look like, have, feel, etc, etc, etc AND THEY ARE NOT ACTUALLY ALIGNED with a life that you are wildly excited about.

Do the fkg work sister. Do the fkg work and have the life you desire.

Not someone else’s. Not what mine looks like… YOURS.
With YOUR values, your beliefs and YOUR DESIRES.
YOUR gifts, your words, and your expressions.

My deepest wish is for you to never again awaken to a dull life that you have to fight to get yourself to show up for.

But to wake up feeling a power behind you propelling you into your POWER… all because you decided to look some shit in the eye and grow past the societal or familial conditioning.

It’s time to make this life YOUR OWN.

I love you
Mandy xx