WHAT I DO EACH DAY... ??✨ - Mandy Perry

Wake. Enjoy morning.
Coffee… lol
Cook breakfast for the kids, bring B to school
Listen to inspiration.
Journal… really really do the work to heal and expand (I’m showing you this whole breakdown in the HEALED program)
Connect w/ my team
Create content for my programs
Attempt organization of my life lol

Be still with myself.. connect to my hear and hear any guidance (literally every bomb that has gone off in my life has been when I skip this)

Do the thing I feel I’m being called to do… or put it on my list of things to BE who I want to be.

It is not hard.
It’s really basic and very simple.
ANYONE could do what I do. ANYONE.

The only reason they don’t is because they freak out at some certain spots along the way.

Can’t go to the gym because I must RESEARCH every workout there is and change it 26 times before going.

Can’t blog because I feel like what I have to say is stupid… or what’s the point because I don’t have an offer for people.

etc etc.

This is not confusing. This is very, very simple.

When you do the work to clear the BS you will show up.
When you do the work to have a life you are EXCITED to wake up to… you will show up.

Nothing else needs to be FIGURED out. ❤️???


Love youuuuuu
Mandy xx