❤️ SAY IT WITH ME ❤️ - Mandy Perry

I am PERFECT health.
I am safe.
I am divinely protected & taken care of.
My children and I are PERFECT health, and thriving more than ever.

Every single thing in my entire life gets to be used for my good.
I am steady, clear, and in deep connection to the soul.

I am a savvy human who knows how to thrive in ANY condition.
My mind is clearer and clearer every day.
My body is strong.
My business is THRIVING and expanding every day to limitless heights.

My income is growing strongly and steadily every month.
My business is growing and maturing rapidly every day.

Everything I do only strengthens right now.
I am SAFE.
I am ALWAYS supported.

I ALWAYS have MORE than I need, there is always overflow (even of toilet paper ?)
There is ALWAYS enough, there is always so much more than I need.

I allow overflow in my life.
Overflow of HEALTH, money, love, joy, fun, success, impact…

All my visions and dreams strengthen and become crystal clear during hard times.

I thrive and expand rapidly during hard times.

Life supports me and I trust the process NO MATTER WHAT happens around me.

It is safe to expand, it is GOOD to be happy, it is OF COURSE as it should be for me to thrive in surplus always.

I am an incredible human being who radiates love and joy from my being to all of the world, and I allow God to take care of me and all my needs, wants, and desire, no matter what.

It is my duty to be in my joy, expansiveness, and LOVE, and I allow life to support me, strengthen me, my kids, my business and income NOW.

I deserve the best at all times, and I ALLOW the best to flow to me now.

I choose EASE.
I choose limitless expansion.
I choose JOY.
I choose the best.
I choose LOVE.

I choose to allow it all to flow to and through me now.
I allow my business to strengthen and expand.
I allow financial increase daily.

I allow my business, money, and impact to strengthen, expand, and increase in uncertain times.

I am safe.
God has got me.
Overflow is natural.
Increase is available.

I know I am meant for greater things, I know I am meant to have limitless wealth, I know I am meant for massive success … and I ALLOW it to expand and increase now.


Success isn’t getting there, it is earning the consciousness to believe we belong there. When times are good… when times are tough.

Love you
Mandy xx