(Not being politically savvy/ opinionated or being a global rescuer)


I have felt a lot of tension around the subject…

AM I OBLIGATED to rescue the people around the world suffering?

Am I obligated to use my money, time, and power to figure out what is happening and rescue them all?

The little girl in me who was hurt in a myriad of ways… and other adults knew and did nothing says… FK yes you are Mandy. Figure your shit out… and find a way to help them. PERIOD.

But there is another side of me that completely blocks out all pain and suffering flying at me on the news and digs deep into my inner work to heal, expand, grow, LOVE, laugh, play, learn, BE, become..

There is a deeply wise part of me that KNOWS I must BE in a state of overflow of all things before I can truly give. (Not that I have always followed this… I have, for the most part, screwed myself over-giving.. up until very recently)

And here is what is so perfectly perfect about this…

THE CONTRAST OF FEELINGS, the cognitive dissonance inside of me causes me to ASK THE QUESTION…

“Is it my job to FOCUS on what’s happening in the world/ politics so that I can help those suffering?”

A real-life question I have toggled with restlessly. Left to my own devices I tend to be very dichotomous.


1. Fk! It’s not comfortable to think about… the tension feels very real… but OH SO GRATEFUL to recognize that life has brought me to this place of tension so that I must DECIDE what is true for ME.

Not what the church told me, not what my parents told me, not what mentors or people I admire do or suggest. ME.

2. Allowing the REAL answer to come through you. (God, Source Soul, limbic brain, all of the above…)

The one that may jar every belief you have held.
The one that may be socially unacceptable.
The one that may not look like what you feel a “good” person does.

As my brilliant gf (Katrina) said in reply to my open discussion of this “The path to serving humanity is never “do this exact thing”.

This hit me deeply, as old patterns of what a good human with power does began to be exposed as we go through this time.

#truthtime #saythatshitoutloudtime

3. Get open to what the aligned action to take is at this moment… not needing to predict the next moment.

What if ALL of the guilt/pressure/shame we have around not doing good enough for the people we love, as a leader, in the world as a whole ALL comes from a need to predict the future, rather than trusting NOW.

Now I got a prompt to check in on my dad.
NOW I got a prompt to tell a deep truth to someone.
NOW I got a nudge to ask my son about this thing bugging me.
NOW I got a nudge to send my mama flowers.
NOW I got a nudge to mature in how I handle my finances.
To smile at that woman walking by.
To text that guy back.
To be present for this conversation someone is having with me.
To donate to this cause.
To fundraise for this particular event.
To give this compliment.

I do not fkg know all of the answers.
I don’t know who you should vote for the president.
I don’t know how to help the girls suffering without education… and do you know when Oprah knew how and when to help? When Nelson Mandela made a call and she shit her pants feeling like she was NOT ready to build those schools yet.

I get my ass kicked sometimes with these questions but do you know why? BECAUSE I FUCKING CARE.

I CARE DEEPLY AND TREMENDOUSLY ABOUT USING MY TIME HERE ON THIS EARTH TO MAKE THE GREATEST IMPACT I CAN… and do you know the one thing that has caused me to waste the MOST amount of time??

THE fkg guilt about not being enough.. and the numbing that ensues right after. So… no more of that shit.

We will walk this out #together.

?WHAT I DO KNOW… like I know like I know like I know ?

** You are going to feel massive tension about some shit in life as you BECOME & lead… and those are moments where you are called to be in ALIGNMENT with YOU. Sometimes it’s just going to require bravery and decisiveness. IT IS NOT A SYMPTOM OF YOU NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH.. we need to see it for what it is. These are moments to be GRATEFUL for.

** The real answer to things is OFTEN one that defies the norm. What did we expect… lol… leading mean LEADING from the norm to the new. It means different. It means challenging status quo.**exhale** If we simply KNOW this, we can allow the true answer to come through without second-guessing all the time.

** You will never be able to serve humanity as you deeply desire in a state of guilt and shame. You will miss the nudges and prompts because you are not in an expansive state to receive them.


I was tempted to describe how to be tuned in here… except that you already fkg know. And my way of being tuned in to NOW, to being fully present, to being IN MY BODY and aware of the nudges, & impulses… my way of having the spaciousness in my attention to be present, allow the lessons, to allow the teachings to come out… is my way.

Not a formula for all.
You know your way.
And if you don’t.. maybe this is a call for you right now to learn… as you begin to release the guilt and shame for not having a desire to learn and do all those things you felt so obligated to learn and do to save the world.

FK. Oxygen right?
“The path to serving humanity is never “do this exact thing”.

What is YOUR path?
The one innate to you.
The things you naturally do that light you the fk up.
The things you naturally understand, get, feel, do…
What you naturally BE when you are with loved ones and in a state of joy and ease…
Your non-cookie cutter MF genius.

What would today look like if you simply gave yourself permission to be grateful for the tension?
Allowed yourself to say the shit out loud, ask the questions you REALLY have.
Trusted the guidance and answers, trust the mentor or containers you feel drawn to (even if triggered AF)
Tuned in to YOU, YOUR power and guidance, and BACK THAT SHIT FULLY… now. today.

What would your thoughts be on?
What would you BELIEVE?
What would you FEEL?
What would you do?

What brave awesome shit would you do today sister?
I love you
Thank you for walking this epic journey out with me.
I think we need this reminder over and over and over.

Mandy xx