? – You’re welcome for the photo ???‍♀️?

K…serious now…
This is not the time to ease off the gas pedal…this is the time to let everything call our ass to more.

Right now you have a choice to dig your MF heels in and let this heal, strengthen and mature you.. or you can go off and be distracted and use this as an excuse to NOT up-level exactly as you had been wanting to.


>>> I sat down and went through every card and account I own and updated all of my financials. I canceled every non-necessary thing. (THERE WAS A LOT lol)

** I was avoiding doing this previously because it felt like I would be that old welfare girl scraping pennies.. yet, wealthy people are smart and organized with finances. HELLO – TY current circumstance that helped me outgrow that silly fear.

I now know every penny and every in and out of my $.


>>> I organized my kid’s schedule and chores.

** We have the support and the kids were really getting away with no chores.. I was ok with this as it’s fascinating that they get this kind of life.. but inside in my gut, I knew they needed more responsibility to build even more confidence.



>>> I FINALLY organized, updated and am selling my old programs as home study programs!!! I’ve been feeling icky about letting those sit there unused for 2 YEARS.

** Celebrating this new avenue of income and way of serving the world!!! (NOTE: Right now PURPOSE is 50% off as our first at-home study launched program!!! Link to join in comments)

TY current circumstance for giving me the motivation to repurpose some of my most powerful content for my audience!!


>>> I am reconnecting with a human I LOVE as I am in isolation. Really remembering the value of staying connected with AMAZING badass women showing up big in life and digging their MF heels in.

** I have come in a HUGE circle.. coming back to MYSELF in a deep knowing of who the fk I am…HOW I am, and what I do in this world…and now feel completely STRONG and clear amongst other powerful people to BE me without being influenced in any way I don’t desire to…and THAT feel fkg amazing.

TY current circumstance for funneling me right back to MYSELF.


Right now a lot of people will choose to ignore the things that feel bad, scary, or hard.. and I’ll be RAW with you…I cried when I looked at my finances coming into this pandemic… I cried and felt sorry for myself having just made a HUGE investment not anticipating this.. and then I let that fear work it’s way out of my body and I kept FKG GOING.

I snapped at my kids for leaving a mess after I fired the cleaners for this season as no one comes in or out of the house.. and then I laughed at my ridiculousness and HUGGED my kids.

I felt EMBARRASSED (which largely NEVER happens w me) for losing my footing with who I really am for a solid moment there.. and could see just how influenceable I was for a season… and I let the feeling come and go as I processed, healed, released and EXPANDED into a yet deeper, stronger version of me again.

None of these things felt EASY to stop and face and handle.. and maybe life has been so damn easy for so long now I almost forgot that I am the same girl who worked 18 hour days FOR YEARS as a single mother on welfare just trying to figure out how to get my kids out of the poverty cycle.

******* SISTER, THIS??? This is childs play for us. SNAP THE FK OUT OF IT. Look your shit dead in the eye and HANDLE IT. We have work to do in this world… now more than EVER before. *******

You are doing incredible and THIS… all of THIS and all the crazy that happened right before this all gets to be FOR YOU. You believe that or you don’t…now it’s time to practice what you preach.

I love you,
Mandy xx