YOU HAVE ALREADY DEFIED EVERY ODD thrown at you... ??? - Mandy Perry

You have already broken every box-you-in rule
Dismissed the societal norms
Created your OWN reality
and lead many others to do the same.

You have already been BRAVE enough to lead DIFFERENTLY in a world demanding you fit in, be the same and DO AS WE SAY.

You have already set a new STATUS QUO everywhere you go and…
this is no different.

Yes, maybe you are messy AF behind the scenes.
Yes, maybe you can admit straight to my face that you are showing up at a solid 40% (as the whole world around you gasps at awe of how you are able to be all you have become)

Maybe you even have parts of you that straight feel out of control.. on the brink…

and if others REALLY knew how it was.. you wonder if they would ever do this at all… this leadership thing. This calling your ass to more things. This excellent thing. This calibrates to the new levellll thing.

But.. of course… YOU KNOW.

You have always been CALLED.
Called to lead. To BE, to become.

It isn’t about the $
It isn’t about the fame, the glory the power.
It isn’t about proving, having or showing.

It has always been about becoming the human whose soul is FULLY BREATHING.

It is about the journey of allowing the FIRE that burns so deep within you UNLEASH fully.

It. Is. About. Allowing. Soul. To. UNLEASH.

It is about knowing you left every single thing on the table as you breathe your last breath.

THERE WAS NOTHING YOU NEEDED TO DO to be safe, to be worthy and experience it all… there is just YOU BEING THE REAL YOU.

Day in, day out.
The real, true, full expression of YOU.

The fears that creep in are:

– You don’t want to have done all of this for something that doesn’t TRULY matter.
– You don’t have what it takes to scale and sustain this growth.
– You will get stuck in a trap of working endlessly.. and end up wishing you were a waitress with no worries.
– You will run out of motivation (because no one truly gives a shit about the things..)
– That you don’t even know why you are doing all of this.
– That you aren’t disciplined enough to lead those you truly desire to lead.
– That your demons inside will eventually stop you from hitting your next level.
– That if you REALLY honestly, no – joke, go all in… you may find out you couldn’t cut it and you were just a regular badass leader like the others… not a true global impactor.

Sometimes it feels like the whole thing could just topple over and all you have invested and done will be for not.

but the FIRE remains…
It burns deep and hot.
it calls to you day in and day out.
It demands to be unleashed.
It never ever quiets.. it simply is ignored from time to time.. and roars ahead other times.


and day after day, night after night, morning after morning it calls to you.

Your brain and fears think of the $, the should haves, the shame on you for’s…. but the FIRE… the fire beckons you to just be THE REAL FKG YOU.

The YOU you have a crystal clear vision of.
The YOU in how you would show up daily, how you would FEEL daily, how big your dreams and visions would be.

You can TASTE that YOU.
You KNOW it’s YOU.
You know it’s the REAL YOU…

You can FEEL the FEELINGS of it all

The soul exhale
speaking deep truths
RELENTLESS expression
THE STEADY AF, lit up, fully expressed YOU.

The you who knows exactly who YOU. are, what you are here to do, who you are here to serve and in crisis, in hard times, YOU DEFY. ALL ODDS steadfast in your BEING.

The fire is never going away.
The TRUE you calling to you to allow it to breathe and ROAR untamed… is never going away.

What happens is the more time that passes without it’s being expressed, the more numb you become to it, more and more.

I’m sure you have tasted it in moments.
The silence. The flatness. The deadness.

You and I both know YOU HAVE “it”.
That thing.
You always have.. whatever “it” is.

but you know you need a good kick in the ass and some GASOLINE poured on that fire to get it burning HOT again.

You need someone there to remind you. WHAT IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE FOR YOU. What you are ACTUALLY made of.

Someone to pour a steady stream of lighter fluid on that fire until it BURNS ALL OF YOU.


This is what I do.
I am the oxygen for my clients that FEEDS the fire so they can focus on their zone of genius and BECOME more.

It is impossible to be in my energy and not BURN HOT.
I remind you who the fk you are, what you are here to do, and that you NEVER EVER needed anything, anyone, or anyway to BE and HAVE all you are here to experience.

To experience absolutely EVERYTHING on earth they are here to experience, and leave the wake of success and healing in their BLAZE of FIRE left behind.

Are you ready to calibrate to UNRESISTED BEING?

PM me to talk if you feel called.

Now is the time you have trained for.
Now is the time to separate yourself fully from the herd and BURN.

Love you
Mandy xx