I have had the most MASSIVE breakthrough in my life… a deep healing that was totally unexpected. 

As I allowed myself to navigate the nausea waves as I was facing it all, waves and waves of healing and remembrances… and a fire began to stir in my soul… 

Then strange things happened. (Now… I always say I do not woo, but it’s prob time I accept I full-blown AM) 

  1. I’ve written 4 FULL PROGRAMS in the last week and a half and every time there was this nagging sense that this wasn’t it. It is SOOOO strange that I assumed I must be meant to focus on the APPRENTICESHIP program, clients and the Healed program (which, as anyone who runs online programs knows, when you hold space for a particular thing, you tend to expand rapidly in this area again and again in your own life)
  2. A LINE up of incredibly rare things has happened back to back to back… to the point of hilarity… because if it’s not hilarious its too impossible to believe. I KNEW I WAS IN FOR SOME KIND OF WHOPPER OF A LESSON… but … I couldn’t have dreamed this up… 
  3. I was damn proud of myself for truly FACING and dealing with each and every single thing.. and fully surrendering to it all… allowing the seasoning to happen. (Even though facing it all was INCREDIBLY vulnerable and hard) 
  4. As this all comes to the deepest point, I reach out to a friend to tell something that I felt ashamed about… something I had allowed and was feeling very very distraught about. He happens to be available at that very moment and we have a convo. He recommends a book he thinks will bring even bigger awareness around this subject. 

– I go to buy the book, but Audible won’t let me. Says I already own it, but I don’t.
– It will let me buy any other book, BUT THIS BOOK.
– It reminds me of a book my old therapist had me read that rocked my world.
– I bought that book instead (as Audible is also shut down for just service due to the pandemic) 

((((( Someday I will tell this whole story and my gawd, is it one hell of a story )))))))

– I listened to the book for 5 minutes and was bawling, it was all coming back to me. I was remembering SO MANY THINGSSSSS

  1. Then I went on YouTube and googled something this reminded me of. Stumbled upon a video that said one sentence that blew. my. fkd. mind. 

And all of a sudden the new program began to download itself right into my head. I felt the whole entire thing. 

I went to log off the computer to write the sales page for the program and it was 5:55. 

It wasn’t just that it was 5:55… it was like the numbers imprinted on me. IDK how to explain it… I know I sound nuts to half of my audience … the other half is like… WHATEVER THIS PROGRAM IS – I’M ALREADY IN. HAHAHAHAH 

And I don’t even know what 555 means… I just know it means SOMETHING FKG AWESOME. I think it means… This is why we had you write 4 programs and ty for being obedient and waiting even when there is a FULL BLOWN pandemic and you were tempted to go into GO MODE

#thatisall #iloveyou #wtfdoes555mean