“Mandy, WHY CAN'T I JUST DECIDE... just pull up my bootstraps and get the job done?” ???‍♀️? - Mandy Perry

Remember the last time you felt SUPER proud of yourself?

The last time you felt wildly successful?
The last time you thought… Omg, I really did it!

Remember how sweeeeet this feels?
This is why we ever strive for anything… THIS feeling right here.

There has been a LOT of people around you telling you how to get more of this… and maybe sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t… maybe more of them doesn’t than does… and when it doesn’t some of you blame them.. but MOST OF YOU blame YOU.

But it’s not anyone’s fault.
It’s just understanding how psychology affects us. (80% of success is psychology.. health, wealth, joy.. all of it)

ESPECIALLY if you have been through a lot of shit in your life.

YES, trauma effects you.
It does.
And sometimes that’s hard to acknowledge.. but we acknowledge it anyways.

So you have been through hell and back and now you have some frustrating behavior holding you back that you just cannot seem to breakthrough…

I SO get it.
And it’s not fair…

None of those things should have happened to you… you DESERVED to be protected, loved, valued, cherished. TRULY.

But you know what?
Thank GOD it happened… because you are who you are today because of it all… BUT YOU MAY NOT HAVE REALIZED THAT THIS INCLUDES YOU MAKING TONS OF MONEY.

ya. that.

Why not that too?
You have overcome everything and all of the hardship has caused you to be strong in a way others can’t fathom… why can’t this mean for making money too???

Remember when you first started learning about co-dependency, boundaries, not caring what others think?

Remember the AH-HA’s that changed your LIFE?

> Don’t ask others’ opinion on something unless they have the direct result you are looking for.

> YOU thriving is the most powerful thing there is to do for your kids.

> When you have your dream life in any area, you become an EXAMPLE of what is possible for others. You become PERMISSION.

> Purposefully following what scares the crap out of you is how you GROW. It is the compass showing you where to go.

> If you never fail, you are playing it safe. FAILURE is a huge part of success.

> Putting yourself under pressure is SMART. You learn to calibrate to the new level and what used to feel hard becomes easy.

> Being away from your kids to live your passion CONTRIBUTES to your children’s growth in major ways.

> There is no taking from one area to give to another, there is only EVERYTHING contributing to everything else.

> Instead of WHY did this happen to me… asking WHAT am I learning right now? How is this for me? What in me is trying to mature?

> Powerful breakthrough comes from unconditional acceptance of WHAT IS. It means not trying to change or ignoring the truth of what’s happening right now. It’s being willing to stay with whatever is, regardless of whether it’s fun or painful.

> You must create a NEED, you go first, then the Universe follows.

> You are EXACTLY where you are meant to be to learn everything RIGHT NOW to get to where you desire to be.

> The only difference between people who are thriving spiritually, emotionally, romantically, financially, and in business and those who are stuck, frustrated, and feeling they are missing out and living the same boring, and small life is that those who are thriving know WHY they are here, know their voice and are LIVING it out daily.

etc etc etc

And when you learned these things… your whole life changed.
Each and every time.

It’s no different than making money NOW.

It is 100% possible, just like every other breakthrough you have ever had.

Period. No exceptions.

It’s NOT you.
you aren’t broken.
you aren’t LAZY

You don’t need to be prettier, fancier, or louder.

You simply need to untangle the web of distorted thinking that is holding you back, step by step.

Hear me?
It’s NOT you.
It’s just the same work you have ALREADY been doing, bravely applied to a new area.

I love you
Mandy xx



UNBELIEVABLE things that had to happen for this program to be here… BUT IT’S HERE!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

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Why you repeatedly don’t reach your $ goals.
Why it’s all taking so long, and HOW to accelerate it (ACTUALLY)
Knowing at any time, no matter what, you can make money

I literally cried when I saw the notification that the team had created the FB group for y’all… knowing basically every single thing I had ever been through was leading me to be able to lead THIS right here.

There is nothing more powerful on earth, than the ability to KNOW THYSELF, and I happen to be an expert at applying this to accelerated money-making.

Now they are both together here in ONE course!!!! ahhhH!!!!!!
I honestly an SO honored to create this space and watch your absolute soul explosion…

You knew there was more, you knew something was off… something in this manifestation, and JUST DO IT was missing…. and you got yourself all the way here, wise enough to GO ALL THE WAY…

so congratulations.

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