( Super Honest & RAW Post ) - Mandy Perry

I GOT LOST FOR A SECOND… I TRIED TO FIT IN, be like the cool kids, and be “legit” …and how I found myself again. ???

I grew so fast that I didn’t really know who I was. (Yes, a damn good problem to have lol… no complaints here)

I started to be so open-minded that I took on sh** that was never meant for me… now don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets… I learned SO MUCH… about who I am NOT.

I am not the legit “boys club” business girl.
I am not some fluffy heart-centered girl.
I am not some VIP clique leader
I am not all feminine flow
I am not bougie
And I am not quiet, demure, tamable, fancy…
I do not follow the norm, I never have.

I am Mandy fkg (Greene) Perry… the girl who knows deep trauma and pain and knows what the fk it takes to untangle that mess and create rapid success in life and online business… BEING YOUR TRUE SELF.

?? You’ll never find someone who CARES MORE, yet gives less of a fk what others have to say about who I am, and what I am here to do.

And I love people so God damn much that I sometimes get twisted and rescue, and have to be vigilant to this very day not to do that. I have fkd myself well with this silly habit, and it’s been my cross to carry, so to speak.

That’s who I am.
I’m the girl who grew up in crazy religion, beatings and all of the abuses… and was obsessed with sports.

I’d run until I puked and always was the fastest on the field.
I’d daydream of being a brain surgeon to have the power to figure out why everyone around me was so fkd up, and how to unfk myself.

I leap off cliffs with zero evidence that any of it is the right thing to do.
I take huge risks and then calibrate to the new level required to make it real.
I fall on my face. ALL THE TIME.
I struggle with feeling like I belong on this planet and have NEVER been any good at making local friends.

I talk about sexual abuse.

And I have mother fkg superpowers. We all do. I just say the damn thing.

I don’t care what people think (to a high degree).. maybe I was born that way, may it was burned out of my as a kid with the unreal things I went through.. IDK, don’t care.

?I believe people who have been through tons of abuse and trauma have to work 10x as hard as those who have not.

?I believe people born intro poverty have to work 10x as hard to make something of themselves.

?I think people born into poverty and experience relentless trauma have to work 100x as hard to build success.

?And I think anyone who hasn’t gone through this just DOESN’T GET IT.

I believe it’s AMAZING to own your value and worth and this humility thing isn’t about KNOWING your worth, it is about knowing we are ALL THE SAME. SAME FKG VALUE. EVERY SINGLE HUMAN.. has the SAME FKG VALUE.

I believe the GREATEST damage that has been done on planet earth.. is the BS rule that being a good person means making everyone happy. (95 year old you doesn’t give a FK what they think… she cares if she left her soul on this planet.. left it ALL… and is taking nothing with her to the grave.)

I think the culture of having to LOOK perfect is killing us.

I believe people who shove their beliefs down others’ throats are tragic. HOW in God’s green earth did THEY become the all-knowing being here on planet earth, and convince themselves it is THEIR job to tell others what to believe? How is this a thing?

I think Christianity is beautiful and religion is horrific. I’ve literally never seemed MORE damage from anything in my life than the BS trapp-y FEAR teachings used to control people.. and it’s a BI*** to get out of that fear trap. It took me many years.

I am who I am.
I have become who I have become.
I say what I have to say.
I lead where I feel called to lead.
I do my best, I often feel I fall short, and I am always improving.

I got lost for a minute, and MAN THAT WAS PAINFUL AND .. fun.. and confusing.. and maybe I’ll get lost again as I continue to grow so rapidly… but IT FEELS SOOOOO DAMN GOOD TO COME HOME TO MYSELF…

Here is what this journey taught me:
– When you are off track with soul, it feels like absolute confusion… and anxiety. If you are experiencing these feelings, you are off track.

– You CAN be TOO open-minded. You have to LOCK into what the fk you KNOW, and let the other stuff get explored.

– Do not slow down, hold back or pause life just because you might get off track. YOU WILL get off track, and when you do.. you will feel AWEFUL!!! and thank God.. because that’s your cue. Get a mentor that you feel aligned with (think about what their focus is on.. if you feel good about that, and the results they have had.. it’s aligned.. don’t worry about the rest of it) and dig the fk in… this is an opportunity for MASSIVE transformation.

– Enjoy the damn ride.

I love you
Mandy fkg Perry ?


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Just heal your trauma with interventions – they said

Only, it wasn’t WORKING for me… UNTIL I FINALLY WENT DEEPINSIDE… And saw the missing piece.. (I learned how to ask myself the questions that got me the answers to WHY I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do.) I don’t know why no one is talking about this or why no one has figured out that this whole -manifest by just deciding- doesn’t work all the time… as always THERE IS WORK TO DO.. it’s easy work, but it must BE DONE, or else we do not get the reward. #commonsense

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