YOU are the one with the vision, the will, the HEART, the grit…
You are the one who will show the fk up and do the thing.

You are the one who loves HUGE
The one who cleans up the messes and STILL launches to that next level.

You work twice, if not 10x as hard as everyone else… and they are clueless to how much you give.

But it doesn’t matter, you don’t do it for kudos… sure.. it started as a way to survive… it started because you never had a damn choice.. but now… now you have come to realize it’s just WHO. You. Are.

I am not a word
I am not a line.
I am not a girl that can ever be defined.
You have carried the weight, you have taken the heat.. you have gone above and beyond every mother fkg step and it made you strong.

It made you savvy, sharp, relentless, optimistic… you get it… more than most others ever will…

THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION… why? Because there has to be. #becauseisaidso
I came to win
to fight
to conquer
to thrive
And the second you got your head above water they all started grabbing on…

They all wanted a piece of the results that you worked so damn hard for as they ignored the hard work.

And you didn’t know how to say no at first.
You didn’t know how to be “GOOD” and still thrive, and not enable, at first.

I came to win
to survive
to prosper
to rise

You didn’t know how to say no when they needed help but they weren’t doing what it took to show up themselves.

You didn’t know how to actually feel good thriving when others chose suffering…

You didn’t know how to hold on to your earnings at first…

but you learned.

I sea full of sharks and they all smell blood
They start coming and I start RISING…
It must be surprising
I’m just surmising
You didn’t know how to give yourself permission to outgrow every single damn person around you>>> TO SOAR, higher… Higher… HIGHER…


I love you
Mandy xx

Brought to you by Mandy & Niki M ??? ?


Ps: ????$ MASTERY IS HERE???


This is not just another basic – HOW TO make money course.

This is something NEW.

But what if it doesn’t work?
I’ve already seen that it DOES.

But what if it doesn’t work for ME, Mandy?
Why are you so special sister? ? #weareallthesame

My gift is to scan every single piece of things and see where the hole is… and then learn anything I need to fill the hole.

This is what I learned…
When it comes to making money… we are being WAY TOO FREEKIN patient.

1. If you are going to do all the work to make money… why aren’t we learning to make money NOW? (Not in 3 years)

I am in a unique position to teach this as I went from welfare to $500k YEAR ONE in this field… with NO business experience. Something NO ONE else can say.

2. If “JUST DECIDE” and Mantra-ing to manifestations of it isn’t working… then what is missing??

What does it ACTUALLY take to make the money right now?

>> You are ready to scale.. you’re done with the slow trickle.
>> You are ready to skip levels and get HUGE results NOW.
>> All of this BS that doesn’t work is doing your head in.
>> You are DONE being patient and spending every penny you make.
>> You are DONE being told to manifest it
>> You are DONE trying to force yourself to do all the things every day.. you’re fkg tired. (Because you are doing a TON of shit you never need to do!!!)

Please, for the love of God… let me help you lol

I’m going to show you how to Master YOU.
Not how to be like me, or them… just how to study & master YOU.

And… we are going to use the SKILL and journey of making money RIGHT NOW, right out the gate like I did and the vehicle to learn it all.

There has never been a course like this, this is my life’s work.

I had to do it.
See how everyone else does it.
Realize no one else did what I did.
Own my gift.
Learn how to teach it.
Get thousands of results with clients.

And now.. here it is.

Money Mastery, Mandy Perry style.

It’s not about being legit, it’s not fancy, it’s not complicated.
It’s really fkg simple, with no added fluff…

It’s how to STUDY YOU, and how to make money FAST… like NOW.
It’s massive accelerated growth and results combined.

When you know how to actually study you it means you KNOW you (Literally the MOST POWERFUL ability on the planet…) and you know WHY you do what you do
Why you can’t get yourself to do what you want to do
How to get on the other side rapidly
And what you bring to this world.

And once you learn it you know it for life.
It’s going to take a few practices to get it in your cells… but what better way to practice it all then making $ right now?

You tracking with me?
If you are. I’m sure you are asking me to shut up and give you the link lol…

ok ok.
Click HERE to join ❌??‍♀️???