100% of the time when someone is showing up but not making sales - Mandy Perry

… it is for 2 reasons.

??‍♀️ 1. They are trying to sell what they need for themselves.

It’s SUCH a common and easy mistake to make!

We all want to serve at a higher level and we want to give the ABSOLUTE best of us… it comes from such a beautiful place.

BUT… it’s holding you back.

When you create your offer, you need to be crystal damn clear .. “I am the right girl for this. Hellll yessss, you came to the right person for THAT.”

And crystal clear… “Oh, sorry no… I have no clue how to help you with that, I’m still learning that myself.”

(or if we are really honest… I’m completely obsessed with learning this myself and that’s why I accidentally created a program about this for you lol)

??‍♀️??‍♀️2. They are trying to prove the value of the offer RATHER than seeing, hearing and speaking to the person needing the offer.

Here is an example.

I could be thinking “What would I need to say one order to get them into the $ Mastery program.. or maybe sell them into the Diamond mastermind..”

In which case I would talk about how you are in an unprecedented time on earth.. and you have an opportunity to EXPLODE online and become an incredibly wealthy human helping others, and I’d go into detail why that’s the case.


I could talk to you about how

>> You have been through hell and back, and you just want to be something GOOD.

>> You are tired. Fkd exhausted just about.. and you NEED this shit to just work smoothly and effortlessly.

>> You are hell-bent on making wealth to take care of your parents, yourself when you are older, and your future generations (maybe you never even really considered you could do all that but it lights you up to hear)

>> You want to just write, teach, heal and be with people all over the world IN YOUR POWER, giving the absolute best you have to give…

And really…
Everyone already looks to you
People have always looked to you

You have always been the one who handles shit.
(It’s not a secret that you handle TOO MUCH shit actually.. and in part, this is what is holding you back.)

Sometimes you feel a little nervous that you could actually say FK it and walk away… but you haven’t yet.

You just keep defying all odds, over and over.

But between you and me?
You are being a fkg shit show lol

Straight up.
It’s amazing you have gotten this far at all. LOL

And you KNOW.. you just KNOWWWWW if you could clean some shit up and get consistent you’d be unstoppable.

But this whole fkg “JUST DECIDE” crap doesn’t work… this whole “manifest it” with mantras isn’t working…


What I really need is an exorcism, get these damn demons out.” (hahahahah)

I fkg love you.

So what gives?
Well, maybe you could specifically learn THAT SKILL…

The skill of HOW TO
– Know what to do to make a ton of $ fast
– Know HOW to get yourself to show up and do said things.

How to actually get yourself to do the very things you cannot get yourself to do.

HMN… “You mean that is a thing?”

Yes, sister.
That is a thing.

Learn what to do to make the moneys then learn how to get yourself to follow through w the things.


>>>>>> REMEMBER, this was ME showing you why your shit isn’t selling like you’d like <<<<<<<


1. Make sure your offer is a “fk yes, you came to the right girl.” offer.

(I offer 2-hour power calls for this – you can PM anytime to book this ($2222) OR you can choose the PLATINUM option in the $ Mastery program )

2. Stop trying to prove the value of it and love the shit out of your people. SPEAK to your people. THEY are badasses, and will sell themselves. JUST LIKE WE DO.

Love you
Mandy xx.

Ready for $ MASTERY?

This. Program. Is. My. Life’s. Work.

It is VERY simple.

1. What to do to make tons of $ NOW.. not in 6 weeks.
2. How to get yourself to show up and actually DO said things.

This is 100% Mandy Perry style.
This is … we do what the BUSINESS requires of us, and then we go play.

We don’t compare to others, we don’t feel pressure about jack shit, we just get crystal gif clear what the goal is, how to get there, and then we throw everything at it…

Then we GROW through ALL The resistance that comes up screaming at us why we shouldn’t and can’t make it THAT easy.


I have sold a $30k offer in 30 seconds with one paragraph.
I have sold $45k in 3 minutes with 2 paragraphs.
I have sold out a $13k program with no enrollment calls off of a sales page.
I have sold through messenger.
I have sold from a google doc.
I have sold from a blog to a payment link
I have sold from a FB live to a Payment link.

And every single time… voices (in and out of my head) were telling me why I CANT do this.

And what I learned was how to walk this out.
How to ACTUALLY get myself to show up and do the thing.

But then it took me a minute to be able to show others how to do it too.
To put a process to it.

Now I have walked thousands through making money – BUT I HAVE NEVER EVER TAUGHT this process BOTH at the same time, and its fkg brilliant.

We use MAKING MONEY NOW, to flush up the shit holding you back as I teach you to break through these things.

Which is HOW I ACTUALLY DID IT myself.

I am so excited for this!!!!

I will see you in the group!!

Love you
Mandy xx

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