I remember sitting in church and the pastor saying... - Mandy Perry

“It is easier for a rich man to squeeze through the eye of a needle than it is for him to enter into the kingdom of heaven…”

I remember feeling bad for the rich man.
(Same with how sad I felt for the kids born in India who didn’t believe how we did and would go to hell… just for their bad luck of being taught something different than me.)

I also remember looking around the room and seeing how MISERABLE everyone there was.
Unhealthy, sad, anxious, broken…

I remember the man from church that sang the song: “Mary goes round and round alone… where she stops no one knows..” and feeling this man gets it. He gets that this place is bad. Something is wrong here.

My mom invited him to stay as a guest of the church, and then he molested me… right after I told him how I was being abused (I sooo thought he was my way out of the hell I was in..)

The next day I attempted suicide.

When I recovered and went back home… I was not the same girl.
I was done listening to these people.
I was listening with new ears.
For the first time ever I was more afraid of staying the same as I was of what it meant to change.

I no longer felt bad for the people outside of this horror story I was being fed.. about hellfire forever, people getting heads chopped off, demons.. for everyone but us… and these complex rules and stories to keep you too scared to consider anything else.

I had taken my first step into being BRAVE enough to challenge what all the adults were telling me.

And I latched on to a hope that somewhere out there in the world… some shit was DIFFERENT than this.

I just fkg knew.
I didn’t know how or what.. but I KNEW.

A lot of crazy things happened.. I got pregnant, cheated on, left to fend for myself… I remember him laughing at me telling me I was white trash welfare.. and he was hiding his money so he didn’t have to pay more in CS.

So I worked 2 jobs and relied on family and friends to help with Calvin.

A lot more shit happened over the next years.. and I found myself standing in a welfare line .. not going to lie and sound socially acceptable… I was shitting my pants. But I had 2 kids to feed.

Every week I went to the grocery store and paid with my food stamps, voices screaming in my head about being the stupid white trash welfare mom with 2 baby daddies.

I sucked it up and asked the coaches if there was a way my kids could play for free in the sports.

But during this time… I worked 16 hours every single day.. working as a nanny and going to school full time.

I went from the low classes in a 2-year college to a state school to a university.

I was terrified to go into debt, but I was more terrified of my kids having this same exhausting experience of life.

SO I KEPT FKG GOING… day after day.

Then I got certified as a health coach and DARED to position myself as someone who could help online. AND OH YES… they said, “Who do you think you are to help others?”

And everyone around me mocked me.
They said I was just bouncing… never just sticking with something.

I knew I was just outgrowing it all over & over.
I KNEW I was different and the call to greatness inside of me just wouldn’t STOP. It was unceasing.

I knew.. I just kept advancing over and over. inch by inch.

I started my business.
I invested in myself going FURTHER into debt.
They all said I was crazy.

He said “The best coach we know has been doing this for 20 years and makes $40k a year. What makes you think you could do better than that?”

I remember the day I went and bought all organic food for the kids and didn’t have to count how much I was spending, and when I paid I KNEW there was enough in the account.

When I got home that day I fell to my knees and bawled in absolute gratitude and awe.

That MONTH I made $40k with my very first group launch.
That YEAR I became a corporation, went global and made $400k.

And… MY relationship with God, MY beliefs were mine. They were solid and it felt damn good.

Then I heard things like…

“You have forgotten where you came from.”
Oh no. I fkg remember… I blazed a big fat trail for others to walk out of that hell if they desire.

“You talk too much about $.”
No. Others are trapped where I was BECAUSE the ONLY people talking about $ have no clue what it feels like to be piss poor, OR are telling you how bad money is.


“You are the kind of girl who leaves others behind.”
Damn straight. Your life. Your choice. I hold you as able to walk the path I have forged or not. FREEDOM baby.

“You are becoming conceited.”
If that’s what you want to label it. I’m growing into a woman who KNOWS HER WORTH… participates in creating a world where others KNOW themselves, what they desire, what lights them up, what makes them happy and what helps them create the results they desire to create the impact they are called to create.

Then I went on to make $1.4 million n the first 3 years…
And… they… all…asked… how… I… did…. it.

The other day Bailey was floating around on her chair in the pool in our beautiful home having breakfast and I just cried. I was thinking back to when we lived in someone else’s basement apartment with water stains and mildew…

Let others convictions be THEIR convictions.

You are called to greatness, you are called to make millions, you are called to impact the world.

You always have been.
It was ALWAYS you.

I love you
Mandy xx

This is not just another basic – HOW TO make money course.

$ Mastery MP style.

This is something NEW.

But what if it doesn’t work?
I’ve already seen that it DOES.

But what if it doesn’t work for ME, Mandy?
Why are you so special sister? ? #weareallthesame

My gift is to scan every single piece of things and see where the hole is… and then learn anything I need to fill the hole.

This is what I learned…
When it comes to making money… we are being WAY TOO FREEKIN patient.

1. If you are going to do all the work to make money… why aren’t we learning to make money NOW? (Not in 3 years)

I am in a unique position to teach this as I went from welfare to $500k YEAR ONE in this field.. with NO business experience. Something NO ONE else can say.

2. If “JUST DECIDE” and Mantra-ing to manifestations of it isn’t working… then what is missing??

What does it ACTUALLY take to make the money right now?

>> You are ready to scale.. you’re done with the slow trickle.
>> You are ready to skip levels and get HUGE results NOW.
>> All of this BS that doesn’t work is doing your head in.
>> You are DONE being patient and spending every penny you make.
>> You are DONE being told to manifest it
>> You are DONE trying to force yourself to do all the things every day.. you’re fkg tired. (Because you are doing a TON of shit you never need to do!!!)

Please, for the love of God… let me help you lol

I’m going to show you how to Master YOU.
Not how to be like me, or them… just how to study & master YOU.

And… we are going to use the SKILL and journey of making money RIGHT NOW, right out the gate like I did and the vehicle to learn it all.

There has never been a course like this, this is my life’s work.

I had to do it.
See how everyone else does it.
Realize no one else did what I did.
Own my gift.
Learn how to teach it.
Get thousands of results with clients.

And now… here it is.

Money Mastery, Mandy Perry style.

It’s not about being legit, it’s not fancy, it’s not complicated.
It’s really fkg simple, with no added fluff…

It’s how to STUDY YOU, and how to make money FAST… like NOW.
It’s massive accelerated growth and results combined.

When you know how to actually study you it means you KNOW you (Literally the MOST POWERFUL ability on the planet..) and you know WHY you do what you do
Why you can’t get yourself to do what you want to do
How to get on the other side rapidly
And what you bring to this world.

And once you learn it you know it for life.
It’s going to take a few practices to get it in your cells… but what better way to practice it all then making $ right now?

You tracking with me?
If you are. I’m sure you are asking me to shut up and give you the link lol…

ok ok.
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