THE ONE THING HOLDING YOU BACK from realizing your greatest life's vision... - Mandy Perry

It’s not time.
It’s not $
It’s not even support…

It is your damn resistance to the feel EMOTIONS related to that dream.

(Were you were taught how to manage your emotions as you grew up? Learn in school? Church? Work?) Negative.

WHEN YOU AREN’T LIVING YOU DREAMS… it’s because you haven’t yet been willing to KNOW & FEEL the specific emotions related to that dream.

Once you learn how to zero in on this specifically, your dreams will begin to come true in ways you would have never even allowed yourself to IMAGINE.

We know the truth when we hear it.

This is how I have learned to create such a profound impact and income so rapidly.

It’s not complex… AT ALL.
It is VERY simple, and very effective.

It only feels so complex because up until now you have been racing around in your head trying to figure out how to get yourself to do those things you know to do but can’t get yourself to do.

And you have tried SO. MANY. THINGS.
And have beaten yourself up relentlessly for not being better. Doing better.

I see people working INCREDIBLY hard to figure out how to make this online business work.
Working endlessly to “figure it out”.

How do I create content that sells
How do I get new clients
How do I reach my money goal
How do I sell without being slimy
How do I get it all online without spending my whole life online
How do I do better graphics
How do I make my website fancy
How do I create an opt-in
How do I make my sales page look better
How do I make a membership site

And they work so hard to figure it all out and try this this this this…

Feel overwhelmed and frustrated… GET a little BREAKTHROUGH…

and then have to start all over again… try this this this this this…

Overwhelm, frustration, small BREAKTHROUGH!

And it’s hard to watch. I can guide but I can’t force people to let it be easy.

What I can do is wake you up.
Help you see WHY this is happening.
and create a way for you to choose to believe in yourself, back yourself and do the ACTUAL damn work that gets the result.

>> WHY? <<
You haven’t learned the skill that lies in-between manifesting and “Just DO IT!”.

The skill that is specifically for YOU.. not some cookie-cutter routine, journaling, or tasks that worked for someone else.

You aren’t someone else. You are YOU, and your emotions are specific to YOUR life experiences.

It’s SAFE to shelve every single BS thing you were trying to frantically or methodically do to get results… to put down the story that you are fkd up and need to keep fixing yourself… and stop fighting the feelings that will transform your entire world.

1. We set the goal and let the GOAL define our work. (we do THAT work and then go play!)
2. We learn how to study OURSELVES, learn the skill to lock in the emotions we are avoiding and transform our lives.

This quite profound but SEVERELY overlooked.

*** Now more than ever.. we have to stop the BS rat race, get clear, and DO WHAT WORKS.***

I love you!!
Mandy xx


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1. Complexity is the killer of all success.
2. What you focus on expands.

STEP 1: WE are going to STOP all the BS.. target lock on the emotions you have been avoiding or have been completely unaware that have been holding you back… NOT SOME COOKIE CUTTER BS, you are going to see how to do it specific to YOU and YOUR life experiences.

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Mandy xx

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