I'm not the kind of person whose life is perfect - Mandy Perry

…and by learning with me you’ll learn to have the perfect little life.. lol ? ??‍♀️??‍♀️☕️☀️

I am a hot mess most of the time.

I fk things up, stay too long, over-give…
I fall on my face, say weird things, dream of even stranger things…

I cuss, cry, snort… sing.. lol (omg w/ the singing words.. I know.. it is what it is)

I am fkg relentless.
I am amazing at choosing joy and happiness while storms rage all over.

I am fun, wild, RAW, open, candid, vulnerable, passionate and HILARIOUS.. obviously.

I do the impossible over & over and my clients do the same.

I don’t spell check and I don’t worry about the grammar.
I make up random words sometimes that makes no sense (BUT YOU KNOW EXACTLY what I mean ?)

I change, go off on paths that I find out are not mine and LAUGH hysterically about it and come back to MINE.

I am untouchable.
I am who I am, and THANK GOD I AM.. and I feel this. I breathe this. I drink this with my coffee ☕️??‍♀️?

I am a woman others calibrate to BREAK FREE of the traps the dogma, the rules, and the norms and FIND TRUE FREEDOMMMMMMMMM BABYYYY!!!!!!

I’m not good at a lot of things, but for THIS… I am your fkg girl.

I don’t feel criticisms, I FEEL the UNDERDOGS, the fighters, the winners, the powerhouses.

I feel the way you are meant for more.
I feel how your dream is just BUBBLING to get out of you in all its BIGNESS.
I feel your power, your decisiveness, your genius, your brilliance…

I feel your strength, your courage, and your WILL.
I feel your HEART, your grit, your passion.

And I fkg KNOW YOU. ❤️
I know you have been through more shit than anyone around you gets, and I know you have relentlessly KEPT FKG GOIGN.. one more step towards greatness.
One more step towards being the human you feel inside.
One more wound healed.
One more old story replaced
One more powerful belief EMBODIED…

I know you because #wearethesame
We both feel lonely and weird sometimes.
We both want to be better.
And we both made it all the way to HERE… the place where we are strong enough to get THERE.

And for just a moment can we be DAMN PROUD of ourself.. in all our glory.
The crazy, the ridiculous, the should have known better, the good the WILD the insatiableness…

We did it.
We really did it!! ?
10 years ago we have NO CLUE we would be this savvy and strong.

And what a wild adventure the next 10 years will be!!!!

I LOVE you.
I really do.

TY for being in my social life, ty for doing life with me, ty for your hearts, your comments, your time, your energy and for BEING ALL of YOU when we are together here.

and above all, TY for all of the one more steps that you did when you wanted someone to rescue you.. creating a world where we all get to feel that freedom you create by being YOU.

Mandy xx

>> #freedombaby if you feel me <<

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