#keepinithonest - Mandy Perry

Random girl with 200 followers on IG asks me if I want help selling my programs.

I let her know if she ever needs a featured expert I’m happy to support her venture. (I was being genuine, I love to support people who are actually doing their thing!)

Then I get a link to join her program on how to sell your group programs (lol) spammed.

THEN I tell her, if you’d like to know how to make these sales without spamming your people, let me know. (Getting a little cheeky, but still honest)

THEN she replies, sure I’ll let Mariana know – as though she is her team. (Still paying ZERO attention)

Ok now….
Love the hustle… would probably love the human

And also, ?

People don’t want the spammy – didn’t pay attention at all to who it is I’m speaking to – cold calling – disingenuous behavior.

We want to FEEL you.
We want to feel seen.
We want genuine.
We want real.

We cringe at the desperation & lack of attention.

The frantic action, hoping something sticks, pretending to be somewhere you aren’t behavior…


Post every 3 seconds, sell loud and proud all day every day … but we get to talk TO them, WITH THEM, not AT them.

We get to be the light they are magnetized to, not the human chasing them.

If we can truly see the one human in front of us, no matter how small our circle of influence is now, IT WILL GROW.

Gah! … this human shi* is hard sometimes ?

Go again.

Love you.
Mandy xx
PS: The Mastermind is here ??

She felt the fear… but she leapt anyway.

She had doubts… but believed in herself anyway.

She chose to let the ACTION remove the fear, rather than waiting for the fear to magically disappear.

She believed she could defy the odds

She KNEW she was worthy of her desires

She said yes when everyone else said no.
She dug her heels in when everyone else pretended it was all so hard.

She knew she was flawed, and DID IT ANYWAY.

She OPTED into her dream life and stopped doing a bunch of FRANTIC shi* hoping something stuck.

Said yes to THE BIG DREAM…

She let go of the smallness, the holding back the doubting and worrying.
She created the thing.
Launched the thing.
And let it be seen by the whole world.

Because she was called.
Because her soul screamed for more.
Because she desired it.

Because a LONG time ago she KNEW she was meant to lead.

Because she’s savvy enough to know there is no PROOF coming… and she BECAME THE PROOF that it was all going to work.

Because she’s genius enough to know AS SHE DOES THE THING… she creates less space for fear.

Because she knows SHE GOES first, creates the need, and then the Universe shows up… not the other way around.

Because she knows the world needs her.

She knows her visions of grandeur are simply things that will obviously happen.

Because she is one of the rare few who will feel the fear and do it anyway.
Feel the confusion and do it anyway.
Wish for proof, not get it and do it anyway.

Feel the fear of being asked who TF she things she is, and do it anyway.
See everyone around her so far ahead… and SHE WILL DO IT ANYWAY.

BECAUSE SHE doesn’t give a shi* if it is realistic… she just knows she WANTS it.

And so she said FK YES, and pushed away all the MAYBES.

She knew it was either time to back herself fully… or tell the truth to herself that she never really will.

And fk that mediocrity.

Not today, not ever.


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