I feel confused about using sex to sell. - Mandy Perry

Sexy pics get more attention. Sex sells.
It’s 100% fact.

I believe women should feel FREE to express themselves fully, wholly, and completely.. including nudity and sexuality.

I LOVE lifting up another woman and celebrating her beauty.
I do.

And then I think about applying that to business and online leadership…

I see the younger girls coming into this industry being consumed by their looks feeling the pressure of having to look like a model to live their purpose.

AND THIS PISSES ME OFF… it’s literally the LAST message I want to bring to their generation.

Both of these feel true and real for me even though they are opposing.

I think things like… how can we as women feel fully expressed and safe to BE all we desire to be.. without setting this as the standard required?

To whom much is given much is required and whether we like it or not, we are setting the standard BOTH as what’s possible AND what’s required…

Is it really liberation when we are naked online for the world to see?
Is it a savvy move for attention?
I mean the entire point of social media marketing is to get attention. It’s sort of silly to ignore that that is the whole point.

Us women are fkg smart.

Why do we want the whole world to see us being sexy or naked?
Is it truly breaking through conditioning or are we biting our hand to spite our face?

Fighting for something that we don’t really even want…

Do we want the right to be naked online.. or do we want the right to feel sexy free WILD liberated and empowered without needing to be some social standard of sexy to the world? Can we have both?

Does showcasing sex appeal support women’s empowerment?
Does it contribute to the freedom we truly seek or is it one BOX to another, contributing to the standard we all buy into of beauty or what works in our culture?

Sexy pics get WAY more likes and interaction than in my pajamas cuddling with my daughter.
Is it about not hiding or is it just showing off the box we are STILL IN…?

I don’t know…
I don’t have these answers, but something about all of this doesn’t feel right to me.

Something is off.

I see so many women going off about their right to be naked or sexy online.. and I wonder.. Why? What’s the point? What is that getting us? What am I missing here?

Does that actually change a woman’s safety in our culture to dress sexy and not get raped or blamed for rape?
Does it change the fact that only 5% of CEOs in the USA are female?
Does it change the female-to-male earnings ratio of 81.9%?
Does a sexy lingerie photo desexualize breasts in our culture?

IDK, does it?
What is the true goal here?
What are we fighting for?

AS far as my little self can see… we aren’t fighting for what we really want. FREEDOM. EQUALITY. SAFETY.

Freedom from the standards and pressure of having to look perfect.
Freedom from the BOX of the current standard of what makes a woman valuable.
Equality as a human with equal pay and treatment.
Safety from this story that a man can’t control himself and it’s a woman’s fault.

I see how we could go this route thinking it will solve the problem, it’s spunky, beautiful and all the things a powerful woman is… BUT IS IT ACTUALLY WHAT WE WANT?

because we get to have what we ACTUALLY want.

ME: Umm.. the men who think women are beneath them are NOT upset about the sexy naked revolution going on…

ME: I wish Brene Brown or Glennon Doyle would tell me their thoughts on this.

ok… I feel I am going to get SLAYED for this.. but this is my actual questions.. and feels.. and my commitment is to be RAW.

Is someone having this conversation? I’d love resources below if someone is… I’ve found tons of people having the convo about getting to be naked or expressed online, but what about the deeper questions?

For now, more power to us, we are fighting for something new.. I just really feel there is MORE for us.

I’d love to hear your true thoughts on this.. and any resources you may have on the deeper conversation.

I love you,
Mandy xx

She felt the fear… but she leapt anyway.

She had doubts… but believed in herself anyway.

She chose to let the ACTION remove the fear, rather than waiting for the fear to magically disappear.

She believed she could defy the odds

She KNEW she was worthy of her desires

She said yes when everyone else said no.
She dug her heels in when everyone else pretended it was all so hard.

She knew she was flawed, and DID IT ANYWAY.

She OPTED into her dream life and stopped doing a bunch of FRANTIC shi* hoping something would stick.

Said yes to THE BIG DREAM…

She let go of the smallness, the holding back the doubting and worrying.
She created the thing.
Launched the thing.
And let it be seen by the whole world.

Because she was called.
Because her soul screamed for more.
Because she desired it.

Because a LONG time ago she KNEW she was meant to lead.

Because she’s savvy enough to know there is no PROOF coming… and she BECAME THE PROOF that it was all going to work.

Because she’s genius enough to know AS SHE DOES THE THING… she creates less space for fear.

Because she knows SHE GOES first, creates the need, and then the Universe shows up… not the other way around.

Because she knows the world needs her.

She knows her visions of grandeur are simply things that will obviously happen.

Because she is one of the rare few who will feel the fear and do it anyway.
Feel the confusion and do it anyway.
Wish for proof, not get it and do it anyway.

Feel the fear of being asked who TF she thinks she is, and do it anyway.
See everyone around her so far ahead… and SHE WILL DO IT ANYWAY.

BECAUSE SHE doesn’t give a shi* if it is realistic… she just knows she WANTS it.

And so she said FK YES, and pushed away all the MAYBES.

She knew it was either time to back herself fully… or tell the truth to herself that she never really will.

And fk that mediocrity.

Not today, not ever.


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