No one else will make it happen.
No one else can make me do what it takes.

There is no magical pill.

I desire ease and flow in my company.
I desire support that loves their job and handles things without even needing to be involved.

So I must lock into this vision, hire, and FIRE accordingly…
I must back that dream and lock into that dream…

– Plan team meetings… and SHOW up for them, rather than making them the last priority.
– Fire the moment I know it needs to happen instead of dragging it on.
– I must pay attention to them and what they are amazing at and what they suck at and define their roles accordingly.
– I must hire people that bring a gift to the table I don’t have and LOVE the support role.

I desire vitality and youth…

– I must choose to actually drink enough water
– Actually do my workouts and sweat…
– Do whatever it takes to create the food environment that I thrive in.

I desire powerful, transcendent, monogamous LOVE with a man who loves to take care of me… and isn’t threatened by my power.

– I must walk away from the men that aren’t this.. even when I am walking away from love and into being alone.
– I must be the woman that man would choose and be honest about that that is.
– I must put myself in circles where these men hang out.

I desire a deep real connection with my kids…

– I must slow down and tune into them.
– I must have constant reminders to go deep with them.

I don’t have to do any of these things… NOT A SINGLE ONE.. but if I want the result… IT ISN’T HAPPENING ANY OTHER WAY than my staying in alignment with the behavior that backs the belief that is it AVAILABLE TO ME.

If I stay with a man who brings nothing but chemistry to the table… I cannot bi*ch about how love is so hard for me.

I get what I choose, and that is that.

It doesn’t magically happen.
We make it happen by telling ourselves the truth, and then getting the vision of what it gets to be, set that standard and then back it with every single thing we have.

❤ I love you
Mandy xx

She felt the fear… but she leapt anyway.
She had doubts… but believed in herself anyway.
She chose to let the ACTION remove the fear, rather than waiting for the fear to magically disappear.

She believed she could defy the odds
She KNEW she was worthy of her desires

She said yes when everyone else said no.
She dug her heels in when everyone else pretended it was all so hard.

She knew she was flawed, and DID IT ANYWAY.
She OPTED into her dream life and stopped doing a bunch of FRANTIC shi* hoping something would stick.

Said yes to THE BIG DREAM…

She let go of the smallness, the holding back the doubting and worrying.

She created the thing.
Launched the thing.
And let it be seen by the whole world.

Because she was called.
Because her soul screamed for more.
Because she desired it.

Because a LONG time ago she KNEW she was meant to lead.

Because she’s savvy enough to know there is no PROOF coming… and she BECAME THE PROOF that it was all going to work.

Because she’s genius enough to know AS SHE DOES THE THING… she creates less space for fear.

Because she knows SHE GOES first, creates the need, and then the Universe shows up… not the other way around.

Because she knows the world needs her.
She knows her visions of grandeur are simply things that will obviously happen.

Because she is one of the rare few who will feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feel the confusion and do it anyway.

Wish for proof, not get it and do it anyway.

Feel the fear of being asked who TF she thinks she is, and do it anyway.

See everyone around her so far ahead… and SHE WILL DO IT ANYWAY.

BECAUSE SHE doesn’t give a shi* if it is realistic… she just knows she WANTS it.

And so she said FK YES, and pushed away all the MAYBES.
She knew it was either time to back herself fully… or tell the truth to herself that she never really will.

And fk that mediocrity.

Not today, not ever.

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