The TRUEST most beautiful love story… - Mandy Perry

She had many bruises and scars.. but had defied every odd with a relentless strength that leaves a scent.

He knew this scent.
He wore this same scent.

She was sensual, powerful, and free. Her laughter seemed to stretch from one end of the earth to the other.

He saw the other men desiring her.. he heard the whisperings of what a great life she would give to them, as they struggled with their own journey.

He saw as she dismissed each one, sadness lingering in her disappointment.

Unlike the other men.. he needed nothing from her.. he simply wanted to love her as she ran wild.

He was a man who had known pain, known struggle… but had shown up every single day…learning… growing and healing to become the man he was today.

He had long since outgrown his need to conquer and take for himself, and was a man who had much to give.

He was a ROCK.
He was the strong bed of earth a wild river could run through and never overwhelm.

He understood the disappointment, as he had felt it himself many times in his search for love.

And they found each other
They loved each other.. oh.. how they loved each other.

They spoke deep, honest truth to each other.
Raw, naked…. vulnerable.

They truly knew each other.
Strengths, weaknesses, dreams, and shadows…

Expanding & limitlessly rising to each other.

He brought her coffee in the morning before the sun rose…
She ran her fingertips over his earth, every inch, after the sun went down.

He gently wooed her away from her work to play in the sunshine…
She gently wooed him to back his most powerful dreams.

He took his time pleasing her…
And her desire for him only grew as the ages passed.

They witnessed.
They learned.
They tried.
They frolicked.
They failed.
They cried.
They screamed.
They giggled.
They celebrated.
They grew.

Their passion created the warmth to live.
Their kiss created the oxygen to breathe.
Their love created the safety to grow.

And it was the truest most beautiful love story.