I LOVE... - Mandy Perry

I LOVE sunshine
I LOVE skin to skin with someone I love.

I LOVE coffee.
I LOVE overflows of money.

I LOVE beauty and flowers.
I LOVE red wine.

I LOVE Bali.
I LOVE to talk to and learn from locals.

I LOVE hearing my kids laugh.
I LOVE friends who answer my completely random questions
I LOVE my friends online who do life with me.

I LOVE saying things I’m not supposed to.
I LOVE eating in my bed.

I LOVE blogging w my coffee:
I LOVE laughing with, my followers, on FB Lives

I LOVE my breasts.
I LOVE running.

I LOVE thunderstorms.
I LOVE driving with the windows down.

I LOVE baths and books.
I LOVE being treated like I am important.

I LOVE flirting, bantering and laughing.
I LOVE laughing. I LOVE laughing. I LOVE laughing.

I LOVE the smell of rain on hot tar.
I LOVE lobster with real butter.

I LOVE singing.
I LOVE music.
I LOVE ah-ha moments.

I LOVE coffee mugs.
I LOVE quotes.

I LOVE kissing.
I LOVE making out.
I LOVE making love.
I LOVE pleasing the man I love.

I LOVE live events with women.
I LOVE the freedom I have.
I LOVE the joy I feel every single day of my life.

and I wish everything YOU LOVE… to FEEL fully acceptable to you.

I spent 4 years digging and asking questions to all the people we admire in this world…about if it’s really ok to chase desire.. or is it a selfish, shallow life?

It was a long a** journey but I have finally landed at my conclusion. And now it is my deepest desire to be the world’s greatest expert in helping others see what I have found.

When you have all you love, all you desire.. you THRIVE, you are in a constant state of overflow, you are tapped into your greatest creativity and strength…

ALL OF THE BEST OF YOU COMES OUT… which is the exact opposite of our fear that we will be self-absorbed.

You really want to heal the world?
You really want to get everything you desire?
It’s time you allow yourself to learn UNRESISTED DESIRE.

It’s safe to stop using the women who shine bright and live differently than how you would choose to live… be the excuse for you not allowing all of YOUR dreams to come true for you.

You deserve it ALL & you deserve it NOW.

I love you
Mandy xx

PS: THE UNRESISTED LIFE is coming!!!! EEEk!!! ❤ Literally out of control exciting ❤ ❤ ❤