What an outrageously amazing day...?? - Mandy Perry

Woke up to birds chirping and a beautiful sunrise run.

Had a team meeting where I discuss all things ballsy in my thinking. lol

Approved new graphics from our new graphic designer.. (I’ve been making my own since day 1 out of habit!)

Finished writing the sales page for The Unresisted Life with my coffee and my imagination running wild.. brain pumping out concepts, new ways to explain things and putting millions of pieces together.

Had a chat and a snuggle with the French man in the perfect 75 sunny breeze weather.

Laid around by the pool reading my new books, learning new words, and picking the brains of and sharing wisdom with some friends…

Celebrated huge wins and breakthroughs with my clients!
$40k packages sold, $45k packages with less time negotiated, booked out practices with a waitlist, sold-out programs with a waitlist, multiple PIF clients in one day.

Audio’d back and forth with my private clients… LOVE doing life with them.

FaceTimed with Bailey.. her tongue still flaring up from licking the poisonous tree lol – annoying pain but not too bad.

Had a conversation with Calvin about “Fake”.. the book by Robert Kiyosaki .. he’s reading Rich Dad Poor Dad now.

Cooked some fresh mushrooms.
Sipped some rose kombucha.

Sitting here writing this blog in the sunshine as the strong smell of some kind of flower here fills the whole lanai… intoxicating.

And I can’t help but wonder if my daughter is right… maybe we are really off in a coma somewhere and this is our dream life… none of it is real.. hahaha

Almost too good to be true, but then no…
EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve thought that it just can’t get any better… it does.

It just keeps getting better.
and better.
and better.

My voice is getting stronger.
My understanding getting deeper.
My sense of freedom is expanding.
My questions are beginning to be answered.
My love is getting bigger.

My joy is overflowing.

I am completely satisfied.
Utterly and completely satisfied.

AND… I’m so available for whatever next level of amazing is coming my way.. so much satisfaction I can’t even picture it yet.

So much joy, fun, love.. that I cannot comprehend.
Yes, Universe… I am so available for that.

TY God, more of this, please.

I remember when I felt guilty taking 2 hours to myself for “me time” just 4 short years ago. lol

Oh, how life has a way of bringing to us the exact things we are meant to grow through… and the rewards are just beyond measure.

I love you…
I was going to go live tonight to talk to you about the new program.. but I am basking in a high of gratitude that I do not want to come down from tonight.. hahaha so I will be on tomorrow ❤

Mandy xx
PS: The Unresisted Life

I get it… this “get everything you desire” BS is confusing and annoying.

–> We don’t like princesses because a princess gets everything she wants, life is easy, and she thinks she’s the sh*t… life is beautiful, and princesses don’t have to get dirty.

–> And we don’t like women who think they are queens.
She gets to have the money, the sex appeal, the support, the impact.

Our life isn’t like that…

And it feels bad that our life isn’t that way, so we make up a story that it’s all so very bad… So that everything makes sense again.

We love her and hate her because she seems to be everything we are not…. and her way of contradicting our cultural judgment and moral prejudices and despite the judgment and criticisms thrown at her feet… a shining light of a life more fully and freely lived.


** She is entitled, snobby, b*tchy, weak, she doesn’t actually care about people, she only cares about material things and doesn’t really want to help people.

** She doesn’t do the work, she has a bunch of people doing everything for her.

** She judges people
** She’s probably lonely – puts on a perfect life front, but really she’s in a huge house lonely and alone.

** She’s a bad mom because she’s successful.
** She’s aloof, doesn’t know what real life is life.

** She’s conceited…
** She’s self-absorbed.
** She’s shallow.
** She’s desperate with her sexy selfies.

** She’s dishonest.. fluffy.. airy…
** She’s hiding something…

Ahhhhh… That feels better now. (lol)

**** But can we tell the truth for a moment? ****

We all want a full, exciting life… We want to get everything we want, we want life to be easy, and we want to feel worthy.

And the reason you feel like you are on the edge of breakthrough is that you feel it’s BAD to be the MF princess queen.

So… we pretend we don’t wish we were the queen everyone adored.
But we do.

It’s just painful to hold that energy when the real feeling inside is… I want that and I can’t have it.

Things like:
I want that impact, but I don’t have it.
I want money to come easily, but it doesn’t.
I want to feel sexy, but I don’t.
I want to feel important, but can’t get the support I want.
I want to have powerful words like her, but I don’t.
I want to be celebrated like her, but I’m not.
I want to have the social engagement she has, but I don’t.
I want to be rich like that, but I can’t.

On and on… we don’t like how that FEELS… So we make the thing, the person, and the desire of it wrong.

And we are full of sh*t.

We want it all… We just are really committed to being a good person, being authentic, honest, real, loving, kind, generous, and strong. The problem is that you haven’t created the belief system to have BOTH yet and this is what held me back for YEARS.
I get it.
Ohhhh, how I get it!!

When we aren’t having the breakthrough we desire…

it’s because we have a belief that having all we desire, knowing and owning our worth, having it all come easily, and life being so out of control amazing and exciting is bad, or will turn you into something bad…

Just like “that girl”… and all the creative judgments we come up with along the way.

It’s my HONOR to walk through this with you as it was the SINGLE hardest thing I ever had to walk myself through… and held me back more than anything else.

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