… and why it triggers the fk out of us… ???

Ok… I have never been more excited to hold space for those ready to RISE to allow true ease, overflow, and happiness.


I need you to listen.
Really truly listen.

I promise, if you do.. your whole life will begin to change… and it will get good… really fkg good.. and just when you think it cannot get any better.. it will JUST. KEEP. GETTING. BETTER. ???

Most people are doing a bunch of things to compensate for not flowing their energy in a productive way… (ya… re-read if needed)

Instead, they are drained by guilt, worry, indecision, procrastination… drained by focusing on what’s NOT working.. the lack of generated income, lack of engagement, lack of orgasms, lack of fun, lack of close friends…

So the ‘fix” is to do a bunch of things.. then beat yourself up for not doing the things.. and tell yourself a story that you are “trying to figure it out.”

And the truth is.. you ARE trying to figure it out. You care.. so much! You want to do good, be happy, feel ease… feal peace of mind… and.. actually, change lives.

You finally get MAD.. and MF DECIDE.. and write out all your lists and do and do and do all the things!!!!! gahh!!!… until you are once again exhausted.

Then you tell yourself a story about how it’s because of the fkd up things that happened when you were young, or it’s because you aren’t disciplined enough.. or because you have to fkg homeschool your kids lol or some other BS…

and really… it’s all a very silly, unnecessary cycle.

THOSE PEOPLE don’t get what they desire.
They feel guilty for even considering that THEY get to HAVE it all, be happy, feel ease.

What if…

It was ALL a very silly, made-up story.. that it was bad to be happy. that it was bad if YOU are happy… NOW.

That you don’t get to have all of the things you REALLY want.. the things you haven’t really even admitted to yourself just yet.

>> Excitement every single day
>> Overflows of money with ease
>> $40k pay in full offers
>> Waitlists
>> Actual happiness every single day
>> Cleaners for everything
>> Assistants who support you better than you could have ever even asked for
>> Powerful girlfriends doing life like you to laugh and celebrate with
>> Mentors who get you and speak to you in a way you really hear
>> Orgasms
>> Romance
>> Feeling important
>> Feeling taken care of
>> A beautiful home, car, and environment
>> Feeling sexy and desired
>> Client raving about you
>> Clients crushing life
>> Clients signing up out of nowhere
.. Deep peace and UTTER SATISFACTION…

What have you not even admitted you desire?

What if all of the BS telling you that you can HAVE what you desire is the ONLY thing causing this crazy exhaustion cycle you keep accidentally stepping into…

What if NONE OF IT IS TRUE, and everyone ahead of you that is triggering the fk out of you while they showcase their amazing free and luxurious lifestyle… is telling you the truth?

What if it’s not fluff?

What if we really actually ONLY want your good, and are really sharing the secrets to have it?

What if you really AREN’T broken.. and this chase for the FIX is like trying to find the boogie man when you were a kid.

What if this was it right here… this moment, right now… where you finally decided you get to be happy.. and by BEING happy, wealthy, and SATISFIED.. by having all you truly desire.. you participate in creating this world for everyone you love…

… the world where they get to have all they truly desire that brings them deep satisfaction and joy.

What if the BS mom taught you was way off.
What if that scary sh*t that crazy pastor taught you was WAY off?
What if that cultural norm is a huge crock of sh*t?

What if that story about money being bad or hard to make is a silly fairy tale.

What if feeling satisfied was actually the MOST powerful way you could show up on this planet.. and everything ELSE was a waste of life?

What if it is all silly BS, and the one and the ONLY thing you ever needed to do to have your most wild amazing life, full of beauty, wonder, awe, satisfaction, ease, joy, excitement, overflow, impact, expansion….. was to decide you are no longer available for the rat race.. and finally look the boogie man screaming at you how bad it all is… DEAD IN THE EYE.. and finally outgrow this BS?

What if it just got to be that easy.. and easy was how it was always meant to be.

What if “hard” is a behavior compensating for NOT flowing your energy in a productive way.. and that productive way was always simply working through the stories the boogie man told you about why it’s bad, or not powerful to simply be fkg rich, happy and satisfied. ?

I KNOW this topic can be triggering AF… but SO WHAT RIGHT? ??‍♀️

Growing FEELS like growing.
It’s safe to challenge the beliefs keeping you stuck in this crazy cycle.

Fk the cycle.

? We are here to CREATE a world where everyone gets to thrive.. and YOU cannot create that until you become that. ?

You go first.

This is the UNRESISTED Life

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I love you,
Mandy xx