THE. ONE. DIFFERENCE... - Mandy Perry

There is ONE big difference between those who are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their business and life, and those who are enjoying every damn second while they endlessly get what they desire…

You may be tempted to ignore this, but I wouldn’t.

Nothing in my entire life, not even my kids, has brought me as much profound joy as this…

This is for those who ARE open to having the most incredible experience of life…

but still find things feeling out of reach, off in the distance somewhere that is taking FOREVER to get to.

Or they feel they have succeeded in other areas why can they figure this out?

Or maybe.. they simply can’t seem to even get clear what they want in the future, the vision feels foggy and confusing.

Or they feel held back by the people around them. “If they would just do what they need to do…”

Those who are held back WANT to be held back. (I’M NOT FKG KIDDING)

Every single client I have taken through this process can see it perfectly.

YOU are ALWAYS getting what you want.
You are ALWAYS right.

People put all their effort into trying to unfk themselves BUT they aren’t broken.

Nothing is wrong.
There is nothing to fix.
They are just wasting time & mental, physical, and emotional resources endlessly chasing a mirage.

1. Plan to fail.
– Say all the reasons it might not work. What if it doesn’t?
– Fight for their own limitations.. make them so true.
– Justify and explain why it’s so hard, why it’s so confusing.
– Keep talking about what is, as though that’s relevant to what can be.

2. Go search for resources that can finally help you unravel the big damaged mess… crystals, oils, cards, programs, books, and all our other favorite things lol (Or if you are like me, fly to Bali for the worlds greatest healer to finally be able to fix your broken a** )

3. Watch it all not work how they want it to and keep showing up and doing more and doing more and doing more… and feeling determined but FKG TIRED.

4. Then start finding ways to try to stay motivated and to keep trying to desire more when all they really want is to be taken care of… to get a break. But also, that seems boring AF…


None of this works, and none of it ever will.

You’ll get results, you’ll get some things, but you will always come back to feeling exhausted because it’s not sustainable and even if it were… it’s not REALLY what you desire.

We do what works, fk the rest of ALL of it.
This.. doing, to try to generate more money, so we can be happy… is some old school, NON-WORKING bs.

IT doesn’t work. It never will… I feel women are beginning to realize this… they just are not quite sure how to do it any differently.

This is what the UNRESISTED life program is for.
It is the process of letting go of the story that $ is the means to a happy life, and beginning to walk out A HAPPY LIFE being the means to the money.

It’s letting go of the throwing your $ at everything hoping to finally figure it out, and enjoying your way to all of your dreams.

I know it sounds too good to be true!!! Yet another outdated BS story.. if it seems too good to be true, it is… (NO, NO no no no no..)

If it feels too good to be true, you have work to do in releasing the resistance you have to live being THAT GOOD.


I love you
Mandy xx

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