Woke up to meetings with CFO & team... - Mandy Perry

Had a list of manyyy things needing to be done.

Got 2 done and had to go get Bailey. Then she needed help with school.
Then it was lunchtime.

Sat down to bang out my list.
Then felt a lot of anxiety creeping in.

My standard is… I don’t ever EVER have to feel anxiety.

So I immediately got up from my desk and went to lay down. I put in season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy.. and I cried.

The tears just came in waves.
So. Many. Feelings.

So much growth, so much change, so much newness.

I felt no pressure to go faster, feel better, or do better. I simply watched the show and cried for 2 hours and then got bored.

So I shut the tv off… I felt a bit better.
Went to the kitchen to prep dinner and put some music on. ?

I felt this buzzing inside, this NEED to release…
Release the energy inside.

So I put my sneakers on and headed out in the rain.

I ran and ran …. and let the last tear fall as I left it all on the pavement…

I felt the breeze…

I felt the rain on my face, soaking my sneakers and clothes…

I felt my sweat drip into my mouth and I began to laugh.

I laughed and sang and danced as I ran…

Some handsome guy walking his dog was definitely confused by my presence ??‍♀️??

And then… I jumped in the puddles.


I came home and had some sh*t to say.

I hopped on a live with some awesome magnetic energy and said the things. ?

Then I did the finally q&a for the May $ Mastery program and had sooooo much fun and so many breakthroughs w the humans in the program.

Soaking wet and tasting of salt…
and nobody cared.
No perfection was needed.

Not one damn thing needed to be any different.

It was all perfect.
And the money flows.
The tears flow.
The laughter flows.
The love flows.

Then I cooked a big grilled dinner and stared at my son… relishing the last moments of him living at home… after 17 years.

He’s leaving home in a couple of weeks and I just soaked in like Fredrick the mouse ? ?

I want you to choose to give yourself the life of ease and joy… and All. The. Things.

Its time to give this to yourself.

The Unresisted Life… where you stop pushing away all the things you deeply want…

Where you opt into the life where you get to have it all and savor every single morsel of the process.

It was always about allowing, not figuring out.
It was never too good to be true.

I love you.
Are you ready to finally allow this to feel good?
To finally let yourself have all you desire…


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