Some areas of life are on a fast track... - Mandy Perry

and some areas of life are on a slow track.. and it doesn’t really matter because things are ALWAYS working out for me.

We REALLY do get to simply enjoy every single part of the journey. #nomatterwhat

It all happens when it happens.
It all gets to wherever it’s getting when it gets there.. and it never mattered when because you never cease to exist.

And truly.. the lesson is to ALLOW yourself to be happy NOW.
This is The Unresisted Life.

The life where you drop the BS comparisons to who is doing what and who else is where.

The life where HAPPINESS MAKES $ faster than any other thing you will ever find, ever.

The life where how you look, who you are, how you sound, what you say, what you do, IS ALL COMPLETELY WHOLLY PERFECT NOW.

There is nothing to fix.
You don’t need to “get motivated” you need to ALLOW inspiration through being *!*&# happy.

This is where all of your genius is.

Everything you desire? It’s happening.


And I give you my DEEPEST PROMISE…. it happens faster when you release all the rushing, the crazy, the comparing, the pretend time crunch, the scary stories about what might go wrong, and the BS stories about what it means about you or the future because it all looks different than you expected…

How do you want to remember it all happening?
Happiness, excitement, peace, joy…
birds chirping, sunsets, laughter, and the high vibe buzz of thrill swirling throughout your day?

Say it with me… the happier I am, the more $ I make.

I love you,
Mandy xx

PS: The Unresisted Life

Waking up to a life full of absolute peace, satisfaction, and joy.. without needing to change a single thing… and watching all of the results begin to just happen.. in an inexplicable way…


Money worries?
That’s a habit not a circumstance… YOU WILL NOT STOP WORRYING ABIUT $ when you make a bunch. You will simply transfer it in a new way.

Being more disciplined?
This is the perfect way to stay stuck in the trap of look for a problem, figure out a way to solve the problem, realize you need to be different to solve the problem, and search for ways to be more disciplined so you can solve the problem, and in the meantime, the problem gets bigger or keeps staying the same longer and longer…

BLAH!! My stomach hurts even writing that!!!
No. Absolutely not.
no no no no no.
Never. Ever. again.

Lose weight?
Don’t hit the tree. don’t hit the tree.. don’t hit the treeeeeee
Smash. This roller coaster will hold you back as much as the $ mayhem.

Romance & love problems?
Hmm… I wonder how humans around you might shift when you are a magnetic ray of happiness and joy, smoothly moving towards everything you desire. (I can tell you, they desire you immensely)

No outside condition or life of motivation will bring you the ABSOLUTE joy, and high vibes and FUN you desire.

It was always about YOU.

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