I wanted to feel FREE. - Mandy Perry

I wanted to have the financial power to protect the people I love.
I wanted to feel safe, at ease.. have peace of mind.

You probably know the intense feeling of trying to figure out how to get what you need to be the woman who can take care of the humans you love?

But I didn’t know how.
I didn’t know how to learn or BE that woman.
It seemed like this big puzzle that needed to be all fit together just perfectly in order to work.

Looking back I can see how I was resisting each and everything I desired, by trying so hard to figure it all out… and not being in a sate to allow my genius to come through.

I wasn’t BACKING myself.
Instead I was spending all my time and energy trying to figure it out.
Try this, try that, try this again, try that again.
One small breakthrough… go all over again.
and again
and again
and again

And I remember feeling the crushing thought that maybe, just maybe I wasn’t strong enough to make it.

and then something happened…
I had just gotten a massage at the Ritz, and was sitting having a Pino watching the sunset on the beach… and it hit me…

“I’m not ALLOWING the good to come. I am resisting it all by trying to MAKE it happen.”

My brain frizzed when I felt the realization but my body knew it was truth. We always know the truth when we hear it.

I had never had the courage to let life be how I wanted it to be RIGHT NOW…

I was always forcing things.. pushing hard so that I could finally get to the place where I wanted to be… BUT THAT DAY NEVER SEEMED TO COME.

I decided to let that day be TODAY.

I felt myself release the race, the hustle, and the forcing.

I exhaled a long deep exhale… letting go of the pressure I felt to be everything right now in order for nothing bad to happen.

I began to ask myself what I would do right now if there was nothing to fix, nothing bad was coming, and everyone was safe.

And I felt the deepest relief I had ever felt.

I practiced letting go of the timelines, the rules, and the pressures for anything to be ANYTHING other than it was right now.


I found myself being this clear powerful woman walking away from the should’s and giving myself the time and space I desired to do things with excellence.

Gave myself the time I needed to FEEL. Be. Breathe.

And the most incredible thing happened.
Everything I desired began to come to me.

The money, the freedom, the power, the fun, the friends, the romance…

All I ever needed to do was to learn to have the courage to let it feel good, NOW.

Today we choose to use our courage rather than control. <3

What comes up for you?

I love you,
Mandy xx
PS: The Unresisted Life

Waking up to a life full of absolute peace, satisfaction, and joy.. without needing to change a single thing… and watching all of the results begin to just happen.. in an inexplicable way…


Money worries?
That’s a habit not a circumstance… YOU WILL NOT STOP WORRYING ABIUT $ when you make a bunch. You will simply transfer it in a new way.

Being more disciplined?
This is the perfect way to stay stuck in the trap of look for a problem, figure out a way to solve the problem, realize you need to be different to solve the problem, and search for ways to be more disciplined so you can solve the problem, and in the meantime, the problem gets bigger or keeps staying the same longer and longer…

BLAH!! My stomach hurts even writing that!!!
No. Absolutely not.
no no no no no.
Never. Ever. again.

Lose weight?
Don’t hit the tree. don’t hit the tree.. don’t hit the treeeeeee
Smash. This roller coaster will hold you back as much as the $ mayhem.

Romance & love problems?
Hmm… I wonder how humans around you might shift when you are a magnetic ray of happiness and joy, smoothly moving towards everything you desire. (I can tell you, they desire you immensely)

No outside condition or life of motivation will bring you the ABSOLUTE joy, and high vibes and FUN you desire.

It was always about YOU.

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