My business is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. - Mandy Perry

It is my freedom, my heart… it is how I support my children…
It is how I express myself.. how I bring my gift to the world…

I am doing what I was made to do, and that feels amazing.

It is my absolute honor to do life with you.

But also, there is real life.
There are kids, school, divorce, moving.
There is team needing feedback, CPA, bookkeeper, assistants, new hires, firing, clients, creating programs, creating content, interviews, legal things, taxes, and investments…

There is always a decision to be made, in and out of the business.
There is always a message waiting, a task to be done.
There is always changing technology.
There are always new clients to support.

There have been times when a client doesn’t like something I say, when a tax woman took advantage of my naivety as I learned, people I’ve hired that don’t do what they say they will do.

And all of these can be really loud if I let them.
But I am here to show whoever is willing to rise, how to have everything they desire.

I’m here to be, do and have everything I could possibly dream up.. and to be an example of what is possible for others.

And I give everything I have to give all day every day… because that’s what makes my SOUL breathe.
I learn, challenge myself, grow, and do it while the world is watching.

I give daily content, answer questions, get feedback from my client’s experiences, my team, and my kids.

This is my life. It is ME.
I give my blood sweat and tears to this, as well as enjoy the celebrations and epic moments of breakthrough with others.

I cannot BE someone other than who I am.. and it’s not my job to adjust to anyone else.

It IS my job to shine as brightly as I can muster the courage to shine and BE ME. All of me. Not a me that looks like the other women who are successful.. not the me that meets the rules I made up of what it needs to look like to be successful… to be safe.


And being the product of a global company is not EASY. It doesn’t always feel good. Sometimes it is scary & confusing. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes you are going to f*ck shi* up. Sometimes you are going to make a decision that requires making a lot more decisions.

But it will always work out because it is YOUR journey.
YOUR lessons.
Your work.
Your rewards.
Your DREAM life.

We do it JUST BECAUSE we feel SO GOOD BEING her. Not to GET somewhere.

We show up and do the things every single day… not for the end result, but because it’s what makes our soul breathe.

You are the product.
You are the boss.
You are the one BEING who you feel called to be unceasingly, investing in yourself, facing your shi*, expanding to the next level over & over.. and it is YOU that gets to have the space you need, and the RULES that align with you being allowed to be the mad genius you are and all the support you need to be MORE YOU.

It feels dam* good to live on the leading edge of BEING authentically you.

Life is too short to do it any other way.