I was taught- focusing on what feels good is a sin... - Mandy Perry

This recently came up in conversation…

“Everyone is focused on what feels good, and that’s what’s wrong with this world….”

This is my reply:
(To which I state what is “wrong”… meaning why people are actually suffering… )

Examples of people NOT focusing on what feels good.

Every time they talk about what is sin.
Every time they talk about what is wrong.
Every time they talk about what shouldn’t be happening.
Every time they tell others what they should be doing.
Every time they label what someone else is doing.

Every time they beat themselves up for not following all the arbitrary rules.

Every time they do things they wouldn’t normally do just to obey the same rules.

Every time they deny themselves joy because someone might judge them

Every time they feel shame, guilt, and unworthiness because someone taught them that something was bad or someone taught them that satisfaction is a dirty word.

Every time someone stays in a sh** relationship just because someone said you’re supposed to.

Every time someone struggles with poverty because someone scared them about money

Everyone someone dims their light so they won’t be seen as prideful – yet their soul is slowly dying,

Every time they binge eat because they aren’t allowed to say what they really feel

Every time they numb out to the tv because they can’t figure out what’s eating them up inside

… I could go on for days.

We are meant to thrive, we are meant to BE SATISFIED, not pretend we are satisfied.

And it takes a lot of courage to go against the traditions and tell an honest truth about if we are happy, thriving and truly satisfied … or if we are honest, these arbitrary rules and judgments are killing us slowly… and it more feels like a long slow death.

#fkpretending #fkthearbatraryrules #letyoursoulbreathe

No one’s judgment matters more than your joy.
You have permission to tell a braver truth because IT IS NOT YOUR JOB to manage their jealousy, anger, or triggered state. It is THEIRS, and they are powerful. We hold them as able to manage their own feelings. 💕🥂


Love you,
Mandy xx