The thing we ALL want most is to be loved. πŸ’• - Mandy Perry

To feel loved. πŸ’•

Most of my life I felt desperate to feel important to someone.. to know someone would protect me if something bad happened (again)

And most of my life I decided that no one was going to love me that way, so I had to learn to be tough.

I had to be the man and the woman….
I had to show up and just force it all, make it all happen.

And I did. Because that’s what us powerful women do… until one day my heart ached so deeply that I thought it was going to just stop beating…

It was an ache for intimacy.

It was an ache to feel safe in a mans arms.
The kind of man you could be safe with.

It was an ache for me to be ALLOWED to be feminine.

An ache to FEEL like I lived in a world that I was allowed to be the woman.

And so I took some BRAVE AF steps…
and entered back into the dating world in search of this man, this world I knew was possible.

This is where I learned

πŸ’• how to never feel like you are waiting again.
πŸ’• how to unlock myself to new levels (in every area of life) through dating
πŸ’• how to unlock the men I date so they are also ready for their next level
πŸ’• how to know when to stay and when to go
πŸ’• how to feel safe being fully in my feminine
πŸ’• how to require being treated amazing, without needing to demand it or other pushy things
πŸ’• how to move closer and closer to clarity on what I desire without accidentally getting stuck in a relationship that’s not what I desire ultimately
πŸ’• how to feel more and more comfortable being taken care of
πŸ’• how to know when to walk away (this used to be so confusing!)

Love is the most powerful force in the world.
It IS DRIVING YOU whether you know it or not.

When you give yourself your deepest desires here, you truly have the biggest breakthroughs of your life in ALL areas.

I just want every single woman to know what I now know after taking the bravest steps of my life.

I love you!!!

How to have your most powerful life breakthroughs though your longing to be loved πŸ’•πŸ₯‚

Mandy xx

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