(On stop asking questions...) - Mandy Perry

I love you.

I mean… I really love you…. and I want nothing more than to make you feel like the most special human in the world, and say all the right things that make you feel seen, heard and loved…

So deeply I desire that…

And also, there will never come a time that I will be silenced into not asking questions.

It. Is. Who. I. Am.

There have always been people who have a problem with my asking questions, sometimes it triggers the sh*t out of people… which is NEVER MY INTENTION, never…. never ever…

I don’t believe in the being purposefully triggering or polarizing…

And it is also not my responsibility to manage their feelings about my questions. I hold others as powerful and able to manage their own feelings.

It is my responsibility to be obedient to my values, and calling in my life.

I have NEVER known to ask questions to do anything but create good. And I deeply believe that vulnerable, honest communication heals.

My calling is to be the girl asking the questions, ALL THE QUESTIONS… take the lesson, let it kick my ass or raise me up, get back on my feet, and expand to the next level with the new awareness…. publicly.

Then offer containers and access to me for those who desire to walk a similar path or get similar results.

This is who I am, and nothing will ever change that.

That doesn’t mean I don’t wish that the whole world loved every question I ever asked lol. I’m human…


I stand for the world where we ALL get to ask the questions we have, and those who desire to teach and give their feedback have their opportunity to.

Telling me not to ask about the thing, talk about the thing, believe the thing, or BE the thing doesn’t nothing but contribute to a world where you cannot talk about, ask about, believe, or be YOUR thing.

So, while you may be annoyed at a question I ask, while you may have your wishes about how I would do things…. know that I will continue being me because that is how I fight for YOUR right to ask, believe, talk about, and be you.

And ohhh how imperfectly I will walk this out. 🙈💕

But I will never falter from that, each time I am told I am bad for asking it simply shows me how much more work I have to do.

We get to be happy, wealthy, loved, satisfied…
We get to ask every question
We get to believe what we truly believe
We get to speak our truth
We get to ask for what we need
We get to have our needs met

Love, with all my heart,
Your fav nerd
M xx

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