… ❤ (and evolve as a leader)

How we have been reacting to what’s happening can’t tell us a LOT about ourselves.


Things that will help you move the dial of humanity, and also help you breakthrough into the success you desire…

And there is nothing wrong with continuing to thrive when others suffer… A BROKEN HAND CANNOT FEED OTHERS.

We allow ourselves to break because we actually let ourselves FEEL it all, and yes it will feel like it’s breaking us.

But it will not… because as we all know… there is nothing stronger than a broken human who has healed and risen again

They’re just feelings.
They will come in, they will be, and if you allow them, then they will go.

If you could say the real raw blunt truth about how you feel about what’s going on with no repercussion or judgment, what would you say?

💕 Can you for a moment look within this, and see the deepest message you stand for?

💕 Why is that particular thing your focus?

💕 What amazing thing would people get to experience in life if they just KNEW this the way you have come to understand it?

💕 What pain are they in because they have not yet come to understand and or experience it?

🔥This is part of your deepest message.
🔥This is what you stand for.

You do not need to argue for anything, you simply get to stand for what you deeply believe in, and allow others to see the result of walking in this truth.

Those who are meant to be where you are will find you, just as we all find the ones standing where we desire to stand.

I love you,
Mandy xx
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Ok.. I am going to say this really bluntly…

We all have this deep longing to GET IT… to really get how the top players in our industry do it all.


How do they structure their business, their content, and their FLOW of all things back end and online?

I have studied HOW to do it for years now, and my team and I finally feel we have ARRIVED on how the whole thing works.

I have hired the top coaches in our industry and learned how their business work… and then created my own version.

In this program… I am going to show you how I do it ALL, but not only that, I am going to tell you straight up everything I have learned about how the top coaches I have learned from doing it as well… and show you a very simple way for you to decide how yours should be run as well…

and NO MORE having old content that doesn’t get used to making money.

NO MORE wasting time trying to figure out how, only to realize you want to change it later.

🥂 I learned how to create mass amounts of content rapidly and make tons of money.

🥂 I learned how to go slow and be organized and mindful so I could resell my programs.

🥂 THEN I LEARNED HOW TO DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME… so that I get maximum results, but also feel the ease of not having to be under pressure to always create the next thing in order to make $!!!

It is the bridge between slow and steady and rapid scaling.

I am going to teach you the flow of it all, and also the actual how to’s.
EVERY QUESTION WILL BE ANSWERED.. everyone gets what they need.

It’s ORGANIZED, it feels so good, I feel SAVVY.. like I have arrived with the HOW TO.

This is my staple HOW TO program… I will run it once a year and you will get the updates for LIFE.

PLUS… the first 20 people get 50% OFF!!!!

This is the cutting edge, most current how to completely opened up for you so you can stop frantically trying so many things to try to organize your business.. or guessing which path you should take to get there AND ACTUALLY SPEND YOUR TIME IN YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS.

As it should be!

When you go see the sale page you MIGHT be tempted to feel overwhelmed by the number of things I will be giving you… but remember… NONE of these are have to’s, all of this is SUPPORT… like having my entire team, and all my how-to knowledge at your fingertips anytime you desire to use it…

While I also download the overview for you to have in your head of how it all works.

I make it EASY, fun, and really doable.
And I’m so excited for you to feel the EXHALE that you will feel when you finally get it all!!!!!

I can’t wait to see you in there!
>> <<

I am going to teach you how it all flows…
Paid programs
Quote cards
FB (Group, Biz page, Personal page)
Membership site
Live events and retreats
Video clips
Legal for website
Graphics & photos (super simple!)


Remember – These will be forever available in your membership for any time you need them- they are SUPPORT.. not things you MUST do, and you will get all updates in the future.

All done for you Legal paperwork
How to Create a Branding Board
How to Capture Testimonials
How to Get Super Clear About Your Niche and Ideal Client
How to Create a Simple GDPR Policy
How to Find Free Fonts and Install Them in Canva
How to Use LastPass
How to Use Zoom
How to Create Email Opt-In Forms in ActiveCampaign & Mailchimp
How to Place an Optin Form on Your Website
How to Use Email Marketing Opt-in Forms
How to Place an Optin on Social Media
How to – Membership Platforms
How to Create a Blog Site on &
How to Download Facebook Videos
How to – Social Media Mogul
How to do IG Stories
How to Handle Imposters on Social Media
Money Making Facebook Live Gear
Instagram Tutorial
How to Share a Facebook Group Link
How to Set Up Acuity Scheduling
How to Buy a Domain Name
How to Make a Screen Recording
How to Run a Webinar
How to Create a Paypal Payment Button
How to Create FB Groups
How to Start and Run a Meet-up Group
How to Create a Sales Page in WordPress
How to Find Free Fonts and Install Them in Canva
How to Create a Workbook
How to Create a FB Header in Canva
How to Hire a VA and What to Hire Them For
How to Think High Level for Success
How to Issue a CTA on a Facebook Live
How to Add Members to Your Facebook Group
How to Run a Webinar
How to Start and Run a Meet-up Group
How to Make a Screen Recording
How to Get the Message Me Link on FB
How to Use FB filters on Lives
How to Write Amazing Sales Pages that Sell
Facebook Live Gear
How to Make a Google Doc

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