”Mandy... what do you see stopping people from having the biggest success online?” πŸ™ˆπŸ™πŸΌπŸ’• - Mandy Perry

Gah!!! #human below if you are πŸ’― unavailable for this…

* Instead of hopping on the FB Live and being seen… they research how to say things.

* Instead of writing the blog, they study how to word it.

* Instead of creating the program they fiddle with the graphic.

* Instead of selling daily, they only talk about what interests them and completely forget the pain and desires of their potential clients.

* Instead of having a simple funnel from website to value they study how to do click funnels and try to figure out the short cut to making millions.

* Instead of going deep and hearing their true voice.. they study that other woman’s voice to be savvier.

* Instead of sweating and kicking a** in the gym they sit behind the computer LEARNING.

* Instead of frolicking the planet having fun.. they compare themselves to others and get caught up in trying to be further along where they are which slowsssss them tremendously.

* Instead of kicking their feet up w the kids or friends.. they let their business and the pursuit of FIGURING IT OUT consume them and have access to them 24/7.

* Instead of feeling organized enough to let their team run the show, they control all the details and waste their precious time…

It’s BS.
It’s not necessary.
THIS GETS TO BE FUN, and simple.
ALL OF IT… all the way to your 7 streams of income in your company.

It gets to just be part of what you do daily because it’s WHO YOU ARE.. not some calculus problem to solve.

THIS PAIN… is self-inflicted.
You COULD… slow down for 2 seconds… learn and decide how you want it to be… and then IMPLEMENT that strongly and steadily… and enjoy the sh*t out of the whole process.

>> Allowing every piece of content to make $ for you forever.

>> Allowing yourself the time and space you need to sharpen your skills as a leader and study to your hearts galore.

>> Actually, truly, relax and enjoy this process.. doing your power moves DAILY… so that the $ comes in AS you implement it all and keep scaling.


Love youuuu
Mandy xx.

PS: The ULTIMATE How To Program πŸ™Œ
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Ok… I am going to say this really bluntly…
We all have this deep longing to GET IT… to really get how the top players in our industry do it all.


How do they structure their business, their content, and their FLOW of all things back end and online?

I have hired the top coaches in our industry and learned how their business works… and then created my own version.

In this program… I am going to show you how I do it ALL, but not only that, I am going to tell you straight up everything I have learned about how the top coaches I have learned from doing it as well.. and show you a very simple way for you to decide how yours should be run as well…

and NO MORE having old content that doesn’t get used to making money.

NO MORE wasting time trying to figure out how, only to realize you want to change it later.

I learned how to create mass amounts of content rapidly and make tons of money.

I learned how to go slow and be organized and mindful so I could resell my programs.

THEN I LEARNED HOW TO DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.. so that I get maximum results, but also feel the ease of not having to be under pressure to always create the next thing in order to make $.

It’s ORGANIZED, it feels so good, I feel SAVVY.. like I have arrived with the HOW TO.

This is my staple HOW TO program… I will run it once a year and you will get the updates for LIFE.

I am 100% committed to you GETTING OFF THE OVERWHELM and procrastination train.. and onto the .. I’ve made so much money I pay everyone else to do it all while I hone my EINSTEIN-ness… train… hahaha

I love you.
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