Dear Mandy, - Mandy Perry

You are about to go through one of the hardest seasons you have gone through yet…

It is going to feel lonely.
It is going to feel impossible.

You are going to want to quit again & again.
You are going to wonder why you are doing this anyway.
You are going to want to crawl under the covers and hide.

But you won’t.
You will put one foot in front of the other.. every single day.

You will feel into your heart and body and let it lead.
and you will be scared to…

It will feel like you need to take a bunch of frantic action for everything to be ok… but you won’t.

You never will again because you are done with that life.
You will simply slow…. listen… hear… and back yourself.

…back your deep longings and desire… EVEN WHEN IT FEELS LIKE allowing them to come in takes away every single security you have ever known.

You will let every single last one of the “good enough’s” go-to allow room for the greats.

You will cry, get scared and try to grab it all back as it begins to fade into your past… you will turn back and try to run back to it, but you will catch yourself… stop… breathe.. and let it go.

You will turn back around to face the wild unknown and you will be TREMENDOUSLY blessed for this courage.

Each day you will simply take your power moves and hand the rest over to God.

Each day you will give you ABSOLUTE best, and let the rest happen.

Each day you will get crystal clear how you can create the most value in this world, and then GIVE THAT.

And each day you will build your new world, step by step… the things you never dreamed could be part of your life.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

All because you had the courage to lead yourself, to keep going, and to give your very best at each phase of the storm.

All because you had the courage to let go of the things that no longer served you.

All because you allowed yourself to be alone for a moment as you built your new Universe.

All because you showed up, and let yourself be seen every single day… even while the storm raged, the fires burned and the old world went up in smoke.

Alone, in the stillness… you awoke.
You chose.
You took one more step.
One more step.
One more step.

And one day, very soon.. you are going to know what I know, see what I see and be standing on the top of the highest mountain peak.. looking back at your journey SOOO GRATEFUL for the dreams you dared to believe you were worthy of.

But today… today you wake up in the storm, cry.. scream.. exhale… and accept the present moment.

Do that.
Release the rest.

What a wild, exciting, unpredictable journey of evolving.

It is ALL working out.

The pain of not having what you desire is not an indication of failure.. it is an indication of massive growth and yearning for more.

And so it shall be.

I love you,
Mandy xx

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