Going back and forth, back and forth on what you should be saying, doing, or offering. - Mandy Perry

I get it.
I did this for foreverrrrr, and in some areas I still do lol. (A mentor of mine pointed out that I do this with MENTORSHIP this week.)

But some areas I’ve mastered steadiness and clarity.

I just helped out my ex-husband… he was looking to get clear what his genius is. What he is the “king” of.

And 15 min later his mind was blown as he was finally crystal clear. His entire company will expand in a way he is yet to even realize.. but I know because I’ve helped hundreds of people get this level of clarity.

In this field, if you are a thought leader, coach, teacher, healer… YOU are the product.

You cannot sell something if you do not know what it is.

Which means, you need to know what you stand for, what your company stands for, and what your voice and gifts are.. (This is the first thing I’m teaching you in Ultimate How TO)

If we don’t know.. we will:

– Spend our time trying to study everyone else so we can figure it out but feel completely overwhelmed because HOW ARE WE TO KNOW which one to do it life?! (and HOWWWW do they do it anyway!)

– We will do that thing tomorrow.. on the TO DO list.. tomorrowwwww… and all the things just stack on that to do list because we just keep finding new things we need to probably do someday.

– Hesitate because you know… in the past its been hard to figure out. in the past.. I couldn’t do it.

– Second guess ourselves because.. how do I KNOW that’s the thing???

on and on.

Once you are crystal clear on this.. you free up TONS of time and mental energy, get your creative juices back, and NOW you can focus on what you true power moves are in your company.. or soon to be company.

And this is the work we want to be working in, now.
Honing our voice
Developing our skills
Mastering our field and message.

Today we are celebrating officially having a CEO, COO, CFO, and Executive Assistant!!! (I never even know what those words were before!!)

And no matter what crazy a** storm has come, or epic failures I’ve managed… we thrive.. because I knew what I stood for, and I knew the power moves that kept the company thriving.

And of course, #theuniversehasmyback
I want this for you too, and I’m happy to show you how to nail this. FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can support you.

I love you!
Mandy xx

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