I made a big mistake in my company... - Mandy Perry

I mean, really big.

I fk* it right up.

And I worked really hard to own it, and clean it up.
I saw my ego full force at work…

I had voices screaming that I was a failure. It was inevitable. Who did I think I was to run a global company with staff.

Who was I to lead anyone?

And I cried.
I breathed.
I looked INSIDE to find the last time I felt incredible, steady AF confidence, and I expanded that energy.
9, 12, 3, 7… my alarm would go off reminding me to find that confidence inside again. Again. Again.

I dismissed the voices like a well-seasoned fighter.

But this one voice…
You will be alll alone.
You are not worthy of love.
You are too much, and if you want to make this work… you’d better push harder.

I heard it.
It’s been there screaming at me for ohhh so long.

“No one loves you Mandy, if you want something, no one is going to help you… you have to go make it happen on your own.”

But… this time, I fought back.
I cried… and I said…

“God.. You’re going to take care of me, right?”
And I let go.
I felt it.

I just let it all go.
Every damn bit of it.
The move across the country, the divorce, my mistake, Calvin leaving, COVID, anti-racism

I felt it… I. Let. Go.


I got invited to a Summit full of other millionaires.

Les Brown taught me how to actually help with anti-racism
Sharon Lechter coached me, told me to tell my story more and network.

Gil offered to connect about how to network.
Diana offered to give me some PR support.
Shawn helped me work through the 17-year breath-holding around my son.

Literally this all happened right after I let go.

Honestly, I thought I had already let go… the thoughts were not touching me… but not this.

It’s the same voice that tells me never to have a bday party because no one would come.

It’s the voice that says we are not enough, or we are way too much.

The voice that says YOU ARE ALONE.
But you are not.

Isolation is self-inflicted pain, and it’s time we stop letting the fear of not being enough stop us from letting Soul open up and unlock amazing things for us.

IF YOU WERE ALREADY ENOUGH, if the whole world would just love you to pieces if you let them…

What would you do today?
How would you feel?
What would you say?
What would you wear?
What would you brave?

Do that. 💕
Our work is to release the old voices spinning the bs and open up.

It’s scary, it feels dangerous… but it’s NOT.
So much more is available for us when we do life TOGETHER ❤️🙏🏼

I love you!!!!
You hear me?
I love you. All of you.

Let’s do Brave sh**.
The world needs us.

Mandy xx
Ps: you just can’t fk it up. It’s not real 🙏🏼🙈🔥
PSS: One of the things I have been SOOOOO grateful for through this first big fk up of my career lol… is that I KNOW my power moves.

I know MY PART.

No matter how loud the voices screamed, I knew what to do. When all hell breaks loose, I know what to do daily.

Through the divorce, the move, the screaming voices… I know my power moves. I knew how to be ME. Nothing ever needed to be any different for massive success.

This is why I created The Ultimate How To, so that you will know, embody and master yours too. The ones that make YOU BECOME MORE YOU.

Not, because so and so does it.
It’s a course that teaches you how to be MORE YOU, consistently YOU, and forever and ever wealthy from being more YOU.

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