I’ve never had someone take care of me. - Mandy Perry

I’ve never had a safety net.

I was not protected in my life, I can’t say that I fully understand why yet.

Most of my life I have felt like I wish I’d just disappear to the darkness and not have to do this life thing anymore…

But none of that stops me from choosing a better life every day.

Allowing more and more joy every day.
Feeling more and more purpose every day.
Chasing after a life that is full of meaning and adventure every day.

Started at the bottom of a real education and worked my way up for 10 years

Healed many past traumas, facing each one.

Got off welfare
Got off anti-anxiety meds
Got off antidepressants

Faced ADHD and trained my brain.
Faced PTSD and learned to let the panic and survival mode come and go.

Spoke to the men who abused me and forgave them.

Spoke to the humans who abused me/ neglected me… and forgave them.

Healed 21 years of bulimia.

Faced my faith. Did I believe the scary stories I was raised with it was God something real… something good?

Walked away from a toxic marriage.

Crawled out of hell with my son on my back and watched him graduate and leave home to face this journey.

Got a little too caught up in the fancy life making tons of money and feeling how easy it all was… losing my footing a bit…

Let myself fall down and rise wiser, more loving, with deeper faith.

I returned home.
Forgave myself for all the mistakes.

I cried a deep soul cry today feeling it all.
What an unbelievable life.

All we have is now.
Right now.
This moment…

What an incredible journey of memories, lessons, and celebrations.

Keep me in the moment… help me live with my eyes wide open, so I don’t miss what you have for me.

Show me what matters
To throw away what I’m chasing after, because I don’t want to miss what you have for me.

Help me to be your hands and feet, showing up with courage and integrity every single day.

Brave, bold moves.
Answering the call.
Obedient to soul.

The relentless warrior.



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